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I am 20 years old and reside (for the most part) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I am on my second full year of classes (one year I took a single class as I was working). I have, however, recently moved to Prince George’s County and take my classes almost fully online for the exception of one short class at Takoma Park MC. I plan to finish my associates this fall or winter semester and transfer to a four year with a associates in General Studies.

Montgomery College has been my main occupancy for the past 2 years and I believe it’s also been the setting in which I’ve transformed and grown as an individual the most. I won’t say that the College is fully responsible for my change, but it has been a nurturing environment for me to trip up and fall down a couple times. Whether the issue was medical, personal, or economical. MC has been a forgiving institute, that I can say is unique to any four year. I feel that if I didn’t take my first steps at MC I wouldn’t be in college right now. I’d be in the army. Hmm, don’t the say the pen is mightier than the sword anyway?

So what now? Well I hope this introduction can show you a little of my background, as I am not a deeply personal man, I actually don’t talk about myself much, even less do I complain. Yet, I see this blog as accomplishing a task greater than a self-dominated diary of my experiences. I want this blog to persuade you to, if you haven’t decided already, to enroll at Montgomery College, I promise you won’t regret it.

My Posts

Letting it Air Out

It's the last week for school and for my stay at Montgomery College, it's definitely been a learning experience(no pun intended). I've changed my intended major more times than I can count on my hand.…

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You ever have this happen?

You study really hard for a test, thinking you got everything covered. You go and take the test...every bit you missed during studying just happened to be on there. You just say to yourself  "cool,…

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An Online Semester

  Want to know what the actual experience of a full online semester is like? Prepare to read. Prepare to read a lot. Online semesters can be incredibly freeing if you get on top of…

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But first I'll give you my alibi: I had no internet at first, then I got busy during Thanksgiving break, then I lost the url for the login page so that I could post, and…

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Focus on the Positive

It's very easy to let adversity and clamor burden you; it's easy to focus on the negative. Did you ever have this happen? You were having a fantastic day and everything was going great, but…

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A slew of words, a bit rough on the edges. I mean well.

I'm not sure why I enjoy this sort of art; it's got to be the space and the simplicity in these works. I mean, it looks as though it was the product of a 8…

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Procrastination: First and Forget

I am by no means an ideal student; I forgot to do homework, I put things off into an indeterminable future, I am not always enthusiastic (which no one is), and sometimes I just don't…

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Guess What?!?

  Did you get it? Well just in case you didn't, that is a Testudo! Which is also the name of this^ guy, which happens to be the mascot of University of Maryland, College Park.…

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Work vs. Play

I began lifting weights when I was about 17 or so. The initial four months were hell, I had this end goal: a perfectly chiseled chest, 6-pack, and the whole shebang! Every workout was something…

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Five Thousand Meters to Walk and Read

Six weeks into the semester and 500,000 steps to and from campus. The majority, 4/5, of my classes are online but the last one I take is at 10 AM and located 3 miles away…

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