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daniel-lainez-profile2-850x475Hello! My name is Daniel Lainez. I run, I swim, I film. I’m 18 years old and have resided in Gaithersburg my whole life. I love creating videos to make people smile and laugh. I hope that by showing you my interests and aspirations, we can relate on something and talk about it! What you see here is just one person’s journey through school and life. Let’s all enjoy it while we’re here.

My Posts

Getting Back To It

Hopefully these tips help! Getting back to a regular schedule can definitely feel difficult after a break. All you need is a little adjusting!

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How To: Register for Classes!

Register for classes now people!! Even if you change your mind later, be sure to have a place in the classes you want or need.

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Dealing With Procrastination!

We've all been there, just a couple of tips to deal with the occasional laziness!

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Question and Answer!

Here, I answer some general questions some of us have regarding spare time and stress. Thank you for watching! Don't forget to check out the other great vlogs and blogs here!

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More Tips For Success!

Hey there! I just though of these tips on my way to school. It happens all the time. I hope these help. As always, thank you for watching!

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Tips For School!

All of us college students have a lot to do, so I thought I'd give some tips on how to stay sane. Thank you for watching! Writing Center Link:

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Hobbies & Coffee

Just another Friday! These are just some personal things that I also find important in addition to academic performance. Thank you for watching!

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Fridays – Best Days

This is just a brief introduction of how I spend my Friday's! Thank you for watching!

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