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Student Life Lives In TP/SS

Hi everybody!

Have you ever noticed a poster or flyer for Student Life? I saw one the other day and decided to drop by the Office of Student Life in the Student Services Building on my way to the Library. I was curious as to what goes on there, and the staff greeted me immediately upon entering the office. They were very friendly and told me all about their programs and activities.

Student Life’s mission is to empower students to achieve personal growth, to help them develop leadership skills, and to engage with the community. These goals are useful for anyone throughout their lives, and the Office of Student Life is there to help MoCo students on their journey. They take a creative approach to involving students in their numerous interesting and valuable programs.

They have all sorts of interesting events throughout the academic year, such as Welcome Week, Earth Day Festival, Club Fair, and others. The Leadership Development Program (called iLead in Takoma Park/Silver Spring) helps student learn life skills and set the foundation for future success. Through a variety of workshops, trainings and conferences, they introduce students to new ideas and ways of interacting with their peers and persons on all levels of development.

Have a special interest? Then join a club program, where you can meet and enjoy the company of others with a similar interest. Clubs for various majors, clubs which focus on cultural or religious topics, clubs which are political or social, or all sorts of special interest groups are available.

Student Life runs the Student Senate, which is an excellent way to get involved in organizing student events, in advocating for their rights, and in understanding what it takes to be effective in life. They also facilitate the New Student Orientation, which is so valuable in helping students acclimate to the college environment and make a successful transition to the College.

In looking over some of their current activities, I was impressed by the variety and breadth of the endeavors. In October alone there were four health-related happenings – including stress relief, breast cancer awareness, and a discussion on substance abuse; three cultural events – Native American, Caribbean, and Latin American; and an opportunity to learn about volunteering in the community.

From my discussions with them, I learned that they are open to new ideas and welcome the involvement of all students. Our diversity is their strength, and they need us all to get involved. Take advantage of this unique opportunity, share your knowledge and skills with others, and make Montgomery College a better place for all of us.

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  1. HI, student life is a great place to be. I have been involved in their programs and activities and it has been of great impact in my life. Helping me balance work and school. It is really great.

  2. Always an advantage for students to learn some practical skills to help them as they move along in their lives and careers.

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