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On Campus Jobs

Hey survivors,

I know midterms are around the corner and the pressure is kicking in but you got this!

When you are an immigrant with little or no family support – and a whole lot of bills to pay –  it’s hard being a student. In fact, I know some people who had to drop out of school because work and school was too much for them. I am one of the few fortunate people with an on-campus job.

Working on campus gives the flexibility of still being able to take your classes. No matter what department you work in on campus, they have an understanding that you are a student and your number one priority is attending classes and having good grades (which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your job seriously). The pay is minimum wage and depending on where you work you might be able to study while working just with a lot of distractions (because obviously you are at work). Because MC has a lot of students looking for job opportunities on campus, the jobs are very limited.


  • Sign up for ejobs.
  • Upload your resume. You can get help with your resume and with ejobs at your campus Student Employment Service Office (an appointment is always recommended). You can find locations and contact information for Student Employment Specialists online.
  • Signing up for ejobs helps you get notifications about jobs availability both on campus and off campus.
  • One thing that helped me was walking around asking for job opportunities at different offices on campus.


  • Now (Jobs on campus are first-come, first-served and very limited as they are many students in need of one.)
  • The tip is to apply early. For the spring semester, start asking now. They are some workers that graduate this semester, so those departments already know they will need a replacement. Asking now could put you at the top of the list for when they start receiving applications.


Apart from being an MC student it really depends on the department. Some do require federal work study (FWS).

I really do love working on campus. It is flexible, I can study when its not busy, and I can still have a weekend job off campus. I wish you the best in your search.

Bih Nche Kandi

Hi, my name is Kandi and I am a third semester nursing student. I am happy and excited to be a part of MC voices to not only Mc as a whole but to nursing students, foreign students without immediate family in the United States, African students, and new students. Why because that’s what makes me, I am all of that and much more.

I am a Cameroonian who has lived in the United States for almost 5years. I am a Christian and a believer in Christ and also a very optimistic person. I make and share a lot of encouraging/inspirational/motivational Videos and post on Instagram @uniquelykandi.

If you are new to MC welcome,
If you are new to the nursing program, welcome,
If you new to the United States, welcome.

I believe we will have a lot of fun sharing and learning from each other.
Philippians 4:4

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