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Campus Woes..

While I’m sure it’s apparent that those of us blogging here at Montgomery College have deep love and respect for our school home, I’m also sure that there are things that we don’t love as much about our beloved MC. Don’t get me wrong, MC is a great place to start, continue, or redirect your college career, but there are some things that I think the school could do better overall. Here’s some of things that I think could stand for a bit of improvement, in no particular order:

  1. PARKING… Ok, ok, so I know I said in no particular order, but this is definitely number one on my list. Now, I’m sure we all appreciate the shiny, new parking garage at the Rockville campus, but parking is still somewhat of a challenge when attempting to reach certain specific locations on campus (specifically for me, the Humanities building…). I appreciate that the school makes an effort to set aside faculty spaces for the teachers who give so much of themselves to those of us who are students, but it seems a disproportionate amount of the spaces are marked for faculty and sit EMPTY, while students circle around and around for a space.
  2. Stop Signs – there are several places on campus where the “stop sign” is actually one of those that is painted on the road (without a physical sign). The problem with this is that the paint is fading on most of them. This makes it challenging for both drivers and pedestrians to figure out if there is a stop in a certain place or not.
  3. Directional Arrows – *see number 2 regarding faded paint
  4. Bookstore Signage – for someone who is new to MC (or returning after a long absence), finding the bookstore can be a bit of a challenge. Especially with a location that has multiple entrances/access points. Considering having some clear signage at all possible points of entry that lead in the direction of the bookstore would be SUPER helpful.
  5. REGISTRATION/CLASS SCHEDULE – this one may just be a *me* thing, but I really wish that the class schedule was available to view a little bit sooner than it typically is now. As a planner, I really wish I had more time to peruse the schedule for the upcoming semester to make a solid game plan. As it stands now, I feel like I’m constantly anxiously waiting to see what it’s going to say.

All in all, I love MC and think that the school is doing a great job overall! I’m sure it can’t be easy maintaining 3 campuses, all of which are significant in terms of size. What do you think? Is there anything that you would add to my list?

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  1. LaTia, I totally agree about the street signage and bookstore!! Stops signs in particular must be clear! All I can suggest on parking is to try to get there a little earlier and be prepared to walk a distance. But leaving extra time is key. Who knows? Maybe at one time, faculty lamented THEY did not have enough parking. It is a delicate balance. I am not sure on the release date if registration/schedule, but if I find an answer, I will let you know. It is a huge undertaking though.

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