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This week, I want to make some comparisons between OneDrive and Google Drive and talk about how I made my cloud storage space choice.

Read more about how to use your Office 365 account to its full potential here

Anna Sohn

Hi, I'm Anna, and I love running, writing, and video games. Besides vlogging for MC Voices, I also write for the MC Advocate, the Rockville student newspaper.

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  1. Great info Anna. I may be unenlightened, but I presume Office 365 and having all this storage and cloud access is a college related thing? And likely something some students may not even realize they have. Is this available to non students if they have Office 365? Good tips and congrats on your upcoming graduation!

  2. I personally know about this, but don’t use it as often! Maybe because I don’t carry my computer with me but this will be so helpful once I get a lighter one and start taking it everywhere haha. Great info!

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