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MC, you’re in for a treat today: a long video about food. Meal prep with me for the week and enjoy the sights and sounds of delicious munchies.

By the way, that’s not your computer, my close angle shot had problems with frame rate so sometimes the video looks like it’s lagging. Not much I could do about that, but through making this video I did learn more about filming, audio, and what to improve for next time.

Big thanks to:
– My laptop for handling 4.5 hours (18 GB) of footage responsibly
– Bekah for the jars
– Video files for corrupting (this is sarcasm)
– Music for getting me through the editing session

Anna Sohn

Hi, I'm Anna, and I love running, writing, and video games. Besides vlogging for MC Voices, I also write for the MC Advocate, the Rockville student newspaper.

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  1. Anna, we got an air fryer as well for Christmas and Brussel Sprouts are excellent as are frozen steak fries (and no oil is needed). It’s nice to see a young person who plans, shops, prepares and is staying healthy…all with little effort really. Thanks for sharing. I hope fellow students will be inspired to follow your example. By the way, I have tried that chia pudding. I know it looks strange in the video but really does turn into a pudding by morning!
    Bon appetit!

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