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As two of my first exams get closer and closer, I began to feel a bit anxious and some insecurities came along as well. It’s crazy how our brains can manage to bring in thoughts that make you feel stressed, sad, and insecure when you least expect them. These thoughts just keep coming your way as if they were trying to convince you that they are indeed true. Some would say, “I can’t just pass this exam because that would mean that I will fail the class,” or “this is so much work and so little time to get it done, what if I can’t keep up once I transfer?” “Maybe I’m just doing well because of luck, but in reality, I don’t understand what I’m doing!” These are just a few of the thoughts that have attacked my confidence recently, and I hate it. It really messes with you because those thoughts make you doubt yourself and the decisions you’re making in your life. Whether you’ve experienced this or not, let me tell you, it gets better.

Every time this happens I’m either driving to school or simply taking a break. Either way, I try to keep my mind occupied with something else that immediately brings happiness and joy. I think that what I do when this happens has helped me a lot, so I want to share that with you all.

  1. Acknowledgment: As soon as those thoughts come to your mind, acknowledge them. By this, you are taking control of your thoughts and are ready to move past them.
  2. Question: Ask yourself what or who has triggered these thoughts and why you think you may be having them. Do you feel like you haven’t prepared enough? Did someone say something to you earlier? What am I listening to at the moment? I find it very important to understand why my brain begins to drift away into negative thoughts so try to do the same and I’m sure you’ll discover the reasons behind them.
  3. Remind: Remind yourself of the good things you have accomplished so far. There’s no such thing as a small accomplishment; therefore, remind yourself of that and embrace it. You are smart, you can do this, and nobody nor anything can take that good feeling away.
  4. Propose: Propose a solution to whatever is bothering you and remember that there’s always a solution to anything. Even though your solution hasn’t happened yet, it feels good to know that things can change for the better.
  5. Carry on: By the time you’ve proposed a solution to your problems, those thoughts that were once there to make you feel insecure have now been turned around to make you even more confident than before. So by now, I hope you’re feeling more calm, less anxious, and less stressed because you’re now ready to move on with your day like a BOSS.

These steps have honestly helped me overcome those nasty thoughts that tend to bring us down and make us doubt. I can’t assure you that these steps will completely help you out, but I know that they will help you somehow and that will be enough for me:) I’ll be happy to read about what you personally do in these situations so please comment below!

Until next time friends,


Meredith Cordero

¡Hola! My name is Meredith and this is my third and last year at MC. I hope to transfer to the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) next fall. My goal is to become an orthodontist and reach out to countries and communities that cannot afford dental care. I hope to share my experience with you all and most importantly enjoy the process as we get through this year together.

I am now 20 years old and exactly 5 feet tall. Don’t let that fool you though; I am a small but concentrated human being. I enjoy talking to people just about anything, and I listen to a lot of music in my free time in both Spanish and English. Music is so special to me, especially if there’s meaning behind the lyrics and if it makes you move like nobody’s watching. I love going to the movies on the weekends.

When it comes to school, I am all for it. I am a low-key (maybe high-key) nerd. I get excited if I’m feeling prepared and organized when I step onto campus, almost like a super hero. Ok, maybe not to everyone. Either way, I always look forward to a new day and what’s to come with it. This doesn’t mean I will always be happy, but I will at least try to overcome what may bring me down.

I have never written a blog about myself, but I do enjoy talking so hopefully that comes in handy -fingers crossed! MC has not just taught me about the many opportunities but also being part of a diverse community might just be the best thing you could ever be part of. I am thankful for this opportunity and I hope you enjoy what I have to share about MC and well, me!

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  1. Keep moving forward Meredith. We all have insecurities and with growth comes confidence and less worry about what we are not (not capable enough, not thin enough, etc.) I hear that overall MC students do better at UMD than those who started right off as freshmen. The most important move now is to just finish up strong!

    1. Thank you so much Jane! And I am so happy to hear about that cool fact 🙂 I am so thankful for my experience at MC and can’t wait to see what the future awaits!

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