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Campus Security – Keeping Us Safe!

Often, we write about amazing experiences or cool things we learned either in class or at a campus event. Well, for me, this one will be a little different this week. You see, this past Thursday, I ended up in a situation where I was witness to an “almost” fender bender on campus. This kind of thing is never pleasant and no one really wants to ever have to deal with something like this, but realistically there very well may come a time when many of us find ourselves in situations that call for an assist from Campus Security. Maybe a fender bender, an issue with accessing a building, wanting an escort… there are many reasons why one might need to rely on them.

In my case, I witnessed a situation on campus that was a bit of a “they said/they said”, as in one person said one thing based on how they interpreted things, and the other individual interpreted things a little bit differently. As several of us bystanders set out to try and calm things down a bit, Campus Security came quickly once called, and stayed on site for as long as it took for things to settle down. They showed great care for one party who was fairly distraught from the events, ensuring that the person had someone to come and sit with them and help them get home when it was clear that they were too shaken up to drive themselves home at that point.

I, along with the other students who were present, learned how closely campus security works with the City of Rockville police to keep us all safer as we move about from place to place on campus. Ultimately, they really made a tough situation a bit better, and I’m not sure that they get as many accolades as they should. So, having witnessed them in action this week, I’m so glad that we have such great security officers around to keep us safe, answer questions, and provide aid. Additionally, Campus Security has a great deal of information online, detailing the Emergency Operations Plan, Emergency Resources and more. Check all of it out here!

So, if you need help with anything related to safety on campus from car trouble to fender benders and everything in between, be sure to reach out to Campus Security for prompt and friendly assistance!

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  1. It’s good to know how to tap into Campus Security. I believe there are emergency buttons around campus as well. You’re right, they are here to keep us safe, but go unnoticed and unappreciated until something happens! Thanks for highlighting how they are helpful in all sorts of situations.

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