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* Make-Up Class! *

A little insight into one of the classes I'm taking this semester. Make-Up Techniques is a class you can take at MC every Fall semester, taught by our fabulous Professor, Peter Zakutansky. Thank you to all my fellow students featured…

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What makes Montgomery College email awesome? Not only can you download Word on your device, but you can access it wherever you are. MC email has all sorts of things such as your email, calendar, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and…

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Pawprints on my Heart

Hindi Words of the Week:             दोस्त Dost (dh-oh-sst) – friend           अलविदा Alvida (ull-vih-the) – goodbye We buried his ashes next to the others. All our family’s dogs are in one…

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The Usual Routine

Hi Raptors! As I started my Monday morning with the usual classes and the usual breakfast, it never occurred to me that I had missed an important deadline. I forgot to submit my blog this past Sunday:( I never thought I…

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Finding Solace

It's not a stretch to say that this past week has been rough. Regardless of where one falls on the political spectrum, it has been pretty harried in general, for everyone. The events of this week and the ongoing fallout…

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