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We’re almost there, Raptors–a little encouragement this week for you and for me. The end is in sight!

Anna Sohn

Anna Sohn

Hi, I'm Anna, and I love running, writing, and video games. Besides vlogging for MC Voices, I also write for the MC Advocate, the Rockville student newspaper.

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  1. Anna, I am sure you will get it all done because you are a perfectionist (like me!) and we always find a way to get it all done, done well and not just ‘good enough’. Imagine the students who also are working and/or have kids! I guess what I am saying is it is fortunate to wear the student hat only for now and not juggle student/parent/job thing! Inhale! Exhale! Almost over! That well deserved break is coming!

  2. Anna, I totally understand the way you feel. Even though the end of the semester is right around the corner it gets hectic. I believe no matter what is going on that you can get through it. Many people have lots of other things that they are going through in their lives. I wish sometimes I could only stress about one thing which would be school but I also am glad that I work. Balancing school and work keeps me sane.

    I definitely know that you can get through it with no doubts! Just keep your head up and know that you’re not the only one going through it!

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