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Fighting FOMO; What Are You Missing Out ON?

Happy Halloween, MC Raptors! We are officially in holiday season territory, and if you’re anything like me, you’re nothing but ecstatic. However, with holidays comes holiday invites, and with holiday invites comes holiday partiessometimes too many to count.

Back in high school, I was a big party girl. My senior year, I remember hanging out with my friends every night until the wee hours of the morning, which didn’t make my parents too happy. This only heightened when I went abroad for two years. The drinking age outside of the USA is usually 18, and boy, I can sure tell you that I took full advantage of it. Nights were loud and mornings were hazy, and I always remember being unproductive and sluggish throughout the entire day. However, the partying lifestyle got old really fast.

Everyone says that college is supposed to be the wildest time of your entire life. You’re supposed to make an endless amount of friends, go to an endless amount of hangouts, and subsequently have an endless amount of fun. But what about for the people who would rather stay in? What about the people who really don’t feel like going out all the time? What happens to them?

From someone who’s been on both sides of the spectrum, I can safely say that absolutely nothing happens. Trust me, it doesn’t matter if you don’t go to one party, or 10 parties, or 20 parties, or all the partiesyou didn’t miss out on a thing.

I used to be so scared that if I didn’t go out to party, something mind-blowing and amazing would happenthat I would miss out on creating awesome memories with my buddies. However, it was the quiet nights playing Jenga and sipping coffee, laughing endlessly on the floor with my best friends that I really remember. Those are the moments that I hold close.

I know it’s pretty difficult to get over FOMO (fear of missing out), but college is supposed to be a time where you find yourselfwhether it be dancing the night away or lounging around with your friends.

You do you, Raptors. There’s no shame in whatever you choose.

Annika La Vina

My name is Annika La Vina (pronounced like Monica without the M). I am 20 years old, and I am currently a new student at MC. I love all kinds of sports and am super into fitness - catch me running on the side of Rockville Pike on a sunny day! In addition, I love reading and writing and have been an avid writer since elementary school. I dabble in all kinds of major writing forms - fictional, academic and now, blogging!
After high school, I traveled and worked around the world for two years. It was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time, but most of all, it was rewarding. Not only did I experience new cultures and meet tons of people, I also realized several things about myself - the most important being that I needed to go back to school.
It’s frightening - super frightening actually - to embark on a new stage in life. However, you’re not alone. Join me in my newest, weirdest, scariest, most exciting adventure yet - college!

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  1. This is an important message, Annika, because most young people think getting blitzed is their idea of fun. And I suppose, if one is partying so much, memories are not made because you cannot remember them! Home, friends and family are so important to me and as you say, this is where memories are made, connections to people felt, and a true sense of contentment. Think how many people say they were in a room full of people and felt lonely!
    i hope students will listen and have no mo FOMO!

  2. I DIGGGGGG THIS POST! YESSS!! I’m so glad you posted this because I have encountered many students at Montgomery College that have FOMO. There are days where partying is my thing and there are days where I choose to stay in. Girl, we’ve had this convo before but this is important for upcoming college students because they’re not used to the new environment and still feel that they have to include themselves in groups.

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