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Don’t Let That Cold Catch You!

Hey Raptors,

This weather has definitely taken a toll on many students at MC this beginning of October. And this may be because we’re still having days in the upper 80’s when it is already fall. Anyway, I personally have not gotten sick in almost two years. I am not lying I promise! Never say never though. I have learned my lesson this week. I was bragging about how I never get sick to my friends in my Anatomy and Physiology I class this past week and the next day I woke up with a sore throat. Yup, a sore throat followed by a headache and a runny nose later that night. So, as I am writing this post, a box of tissues and cough drops are my best companions. As a result of this unexpected cold, I decided to share some ways that I’ve prevented sickness while in school 🙂

1- Stay away from that person that keeps on coughing and sneezing in class! No need to be rude though; just walk away or step aside if you feel that you’re too close to that sneeze or a cough. Remember that a common cold can be contagious, especially through droplets in the air!

2- Always wash your hands whether you’re walking out of the restroom or the lab. Remember that door handles are one of the many ways you can catch bacteria! It’s a little sad to say, but not everyone who comes out of a restroom has washed his or her hands. 🙁

3- Cover your mouth when coughing and use your forearm when you sneeze. I know many of you may already know this, but we are humans and we can definitely forget to do this sometimes.

4- Get your sleep and maintain a healthy diet! These two things are one of the most important ways that we can avoid getting sick, yet we often forget about them. School definitely deprives our sleep, but taking a nap can help that. Let’s not get dragged into “I’ll eat at school”, because you won’t if something comes up – like last minute pre-labs ;). So, try to make your lunch ahead of time.

Lastly, remember to stay warm and try to be prepared for what the weather may bring! Mother nature doesn’t play and if you do these things, your chances of getting sick will decrease. I try to remember to follow these tips and they’ve definitely helped me stay healthy throughout the years, so give them a try!

As always, thank you for staying!


Meredith Cordero

¡Hola! My name is Meredith and this is my third and last year at MC. I hope to transfer to the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) next fall. My goal is to become an orthodontist and reach out to countries and communities that cannot afford dental care. I hope to share my experience with you all and most importantly enjoy the process as we get through this year together.

I am now 20 years old and exactly 5 feet tall. Don’t let that fool you though; I am a small but concentrated human being. I enjoy talking to people just about anything, and I listen to a lot of music in my free time in both Spanish and English. Music is so special to me, especially if there’s meaning behind the lyrics and if it makes you move like nobody’s watching. I love going to the movies on the weekends.

When it comes to school, I am all for it. I am a low-key (maybe high-key) nerd. I get excited if I’m feeling prepared and organized when I step onto campus, almost like a super hero. Ok, maybe not to everyone. Either way, I always look forward to a new day and what’s to come with it. This doesn’t mean I will always be happy, but I will at least try to overcome what may bring me down.

I have never written a blog about myself, but I do enjoy talking so hopefully that comes in handy -fingers crossed! MC has not just taught me about the many opportunities but also being part of a diverse community might just be the best thing you could ever be part of. I am thankful for this opportunity and I hope you enjoy what I have to share about MC and well, me!

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  1. Great tips Meredith and as mid-terms approach and soon after the finals, this isn’t the time to get sick. One cannot emphasize enough that hand washing is probably the most important. For students, sleep is often neglected, but I for one am one of those people who gets sick almost immediately when I have neglected sleep and I have warded off sickness even when around others who were sick just by making sure I was well rested. Stay healthy!

  2. Thank you for this informative post! I totally agree that this weather has definitely taken a toll on everyone. It may seems so simple but it’s good to remind others what to do to prevent themselves from catching a cold. I agree with everything you said! I would also recommend to get a flu shot! Getting a shot can prevent you from getting a cold especially since mid-terms are right around the corner!

  3. great post girl! i was KO last week with the flu =[ had a fever of 105! probably will maintain a healthy distance from my sick friends until they recover lol.

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