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Today’s blog is about Montgomery College magazine for Alumni and Friends, Insights. The magazine provides information on events going on, on all three campuses. For example, the construction of the new Student Services Center on the Rockville campus or the mobile markets operation. I’ll be referring to the fall of 2017 magazine which focuses on an MC alumni who has a heartwarming story. Hopefully the information shared is of some help to you.

Did you know that six students received the Association Managed Scholarship at the Alumni Association board meeting back in September? Congratulations to all of you. The President of the Alumni Association, Lori A. Thomas, and the alumni are truly making a difference. “For three years Montgomery College has been among the top three community colleges in total dollars donated by the alumni, and this past year they were number one nationally.” (Can’t wait to graduate from MC so I can also be a part of this wonderful association)

President DeRionne Pollard has received another award on behalf of Montgomery College. She has received the Academic Leadership Award from The Carnegie Corporation of New York. This is her second time receiving this award under MC. “The Carnegie award recognizes educators who demonstrate vision and an outstanding commitment to excellence in undergraduate education.” We can all see that our president is committed to the students of MC, and now others are beginning to see as well.

The new Center for Justice has officially opened; the center is devoted to social justice issues and support for students who are underrepresented and marginalized groups. Dr. Vincent Intondi had this idea on his heart for a long time, soon enough he received the green light. The center has three rooms, one for advising, meeting, and research. He has big plans for this center including partnerships with other universities and local groups, a guest speaker series, and a quote wall in the hallway. This center is located on the Takoma Park/ Silver Spring campus; Also, Dr. Intondi is an associate professor at Montgomery College.

Our Mobile Markets will be starting up once again February 7th.  Starting with the Germantown campus, the link for upcoming dates is below. The Mobile Market is a part of the fuel for success program at MC. Its focus is on nourishing the mind, body, and spirit initiative. More than 1,500 people received food from the Mobile Market. MC is showing their commitment to addressing the various insecurities that can affect our learning conditions.

Last but not the least is the story of Nilufer Mutlu. Mrs. Mutlu works as an RN at the Holy Cross Germantown Hospital. She has a BSN and is on track to complete her master’s degree in nursing education. She graduated from MC in 2014 before she received her bachelors. But this is only half the story; unfortunately, I will not be able to tell the whole story.

There’s a lot I didn’t talk about but hopefully you gain something from all of this.

Till Next Time

Bob Okroajuzie

Hello, I am Bob Ndubuisi Okoroajuzie. Honestly speaking, Christ is the center of my life or at least I try to make him the center. If it doesn’t relate to Christ, it doesn’t relate to me. I became more fond of him through the reading of his word, the same way you’ll become more fond of me through my blogs. Some are surprised when I tell them things like this, or even comment saying, “Oh you’re one of those”. I sometimes laugh because this is my mindset, but I still have a good time. I know when to be serious and when to relax, so the key component in my life is balance. Loving, honesty, and amusing make up Bob. 

I am currently majoring in Business at Montgomery College. My end goal is to graduate from UMD College Park Business school and attend law school (corporate law). I'm passionate about mentoring students and being mentored. Being mentored at a young age has truly helped shape me as a young man. Truly, being a student blogger is an honor. Sharing my experience at MC and providing information will benefit current and future students at Montgomery College. 

Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.

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