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Karl talks about why it’s so important to form good/healthy habits in college.

Karl Meyer

I am 22 years old and have been attending Montgomery College for two years now with one semester left to go before I graduate. I’ve lived in the Rockville area for 8 years and before that, another 7 years St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Before that I lived in Austria and Australia, the place of my birth.

My major is Information Systems. It used to be Computer Science, but it turned out I’m awful at math, so I switched over to something still in the general field of computing and less math intensive.

I’ve been interested in the production of entertainment as a hobby for going on 8 years now. During this time, I’ve learned a lot about what exactly I want to do in this medium. Now, after all this time observing, I can finally put everything I’ve learned to work to create some really great content for you. I hope you join me and have as much fun watching my content as I did making it.

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  1. Karl, I am trying to figure out if Chick Fil A is a much healthier option to something like a McDonalds being on a college campus. Supposedly, it is a better option and wisely , they are trying to appeal to a college crowd, but with all the focus on obesity and health, I wonder why something like a Chopped or a kabob place cannot make it on a campus and likely is healthier (there are still lots of ‘hard to pronounce’ chemicals in Chick Fil A food). Public schools, at least the elementary ones, have come a long way in providing healthier options and they kids do eat it if available.

  2. Hi Karl,
    It is extremely difficult to make good choices when you are presented with the options we have near us in MC. The Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus also has very limited options for good food nearby.

    Good luck in your quest for heathy food.

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