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What Will Be, Will Be

What will be, will be. This is the hardest thing for us to wrap our heads around. If you fail that test tomorrow, it will be okay. If you missed class today, it will be okay. If you sat in lecture and totally did not understand a single thing the professor said, it will be okay. But it’s hard to remember all that.Stress eats us alive, especially with finals coming up. It is important to remember that after a certain point, we have no control. We can only try our hardest in life, and the rest is out of our hands. Coming back to school after Thanksgiving break can be daunting when you remember all the work you still have to do.

If you are like me, the more anxious you get, the worse you feel. This is why it is important to work on stress management. The most important thing I have been doing is trying to get into this mindset that “what will be, will be,” but that is harder than it sounds. So here are some other things to keep the anxiety levels down as the last few weeks approach.

  1. Be mindful. I recently learned about mindfulness. The whole concept of mindfulness is to let go of everything else you are thinking of, and just be in the moment. Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in school work, that I forget to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. Some nights, I lay on the floor, put on this video, and try to be mindful. Mindfulness gives you the chance to breathe and remember there is life outside of school, or any other stressors you may have.
  2. Bubbles! Yes, bubbles. Whenever I feel the anxiety rising, I grab my bottle of bubbles, and start blowing. Not only is it fun and makes me feel like I am a little kid again, but it helps me focus on deep breathing. Deep breathing helps to slow down the heart rate and open up the air ways, lessening anxiety even further. So if you find you cannot sit still long enough for mindfulness (which is sadly me a lot of the time), I highly recommend bubbles.

We all have a lot of stressors in life, many of which stem from being a college student-an upcoming exam, a presentation, consequences of missing class- and we all handle them in different ways. I recently faced some major stress when I had to miss class for two weeks due to my illness. As you probably know, missing just one class can put you behind big time in college, so missing two weeks’ worth seemed like the end of the world. But, thanks to the tips above, I was able to take it step by step and start moving past it.

So whatever may be causing stress in your life, just remember-What will be, will be.

Cassidy Colbert

I am a 19-year-old lifelong resident of Damascus, Maryland. I am in my 3rd semester as a part-time student at MC. I plan on getting my Associates Degree in the next couple of years and then transferring to the University of Maryland at the Universities at Shady Grove (health permitting).

MC has been my academic home for the past year and I could not be happier. I started off my collegiate experience at Salisbury University in the fall of 2015, but due to my Chronic Lyme Disease, I was forced to drop out. I thought my academic life was over, as I was too ill to handle a full course-load, but that is when I discovered the part-time option at MC. MC gave the choice to take as many, or as few classes as I wanted, and because of this, I am now back on track to getting my degree. MC also offered me disability support services to further assist me in accomplishing my dreams.

I hope that this blog can help other students like me to see that even though they may not be taking the “traditional” route towards higher education, MC offers load of opportunities that will get us where we want to go. Whether you aren’t sure where you want to end up in life, or have another obstacle, like a chronic illness or disability, you can still reach for the stars and accomplish anything they want to here at MC. 

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  1. I agree Cassidy that all you can do is do your best. Like you, I put a lot of pressure on myself – that’s a perfectionist for ya! Others have a devil may care attitude, and I never figured out why people are so different! I love the bubbles idea. Here is another thing you can do: Ask yourself if this will matter in 10 years or even 5 years. Things eventually work themselves out.
    Que sera sera as they say.

  2. I love this post Cassidy! I’ll have to try the bubbles idea, it sounds like such a fun way to practice deep breathing.

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