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Prioritize Your Health

Hey Raptors! We’re halfway through the week and I wanted to talk about health. Life can be extremely overwhelming with responsibilities, and we can sometimes neglect our personal wellbeing. School and education are important, but so is having a balance. Prioritize your health and life will flow more smoothly. Conversely, lack of sleep, stress, and neglecting relationships can make us fizzle and burnout.


Never enough sleep

Ideally, you should be getting 8 hours of sleep every night. We all know this. Some of us require more like 6, while others (like myself) need closer to 9 or 10 to function. Not possible? Enter: NAPS!

As a sleepy, sleepy young woman, I’ve perfected the act of the microsleeping. My favorite spots are:

-2nd floor of the Macklin tower on the Rockville campus (completely silent, get a cubby desk with walls surrounding you – super cozy)

-Rockville Memorial Library (very comfy chairs, just bunch up your jacket on a table in the corner)

– Your car! Don’t leave your battery on if you’ll be sleeping for more than an hour or so. I wouldn’t advise napping on the bus, but sometimes it happens. Try hooking your backpack strap around your leg if you’re worried, and set an alarm on your phone so you don’t miss your stop.

-Not in class! Do not nap in class! No napping in class!! Your professor and classmates will not be impressed. If you find yourself nodding off, grab a sip of water or chew some mint gum. Take some extra time before class to grab a cup of coffee; most professors are relaxed about drinks in class.

Physical activity: Release endorphins

-Leave early and park far away if you drive a car. You get some added exercise and you can avoid the chaotic mess of closer parking (Seriously. There’s always a space in Lot 2. Cut your losses, you’ll thank me.)












– Planet Fitness is open 24/7 and is super cheap! They may not be the most glamourous gym out there, but that’s more endearing. I highly recommend.

– MC has gyms and swimming pools available to students (you just need to flash you student ID) during certain times and days.

-Take the scenic route to class:

Maintain healthy relationships!

  • There are tons of great spots to meet up with friends on campus. Besides the plethora of outside tables, the new science building has a ton of couches and places to meet up.
  • Rockville Town Square is a great meetup place, accessible from MC via the 45, 46, and 55 RideOn buses. It’s about 10 minutes via car and a 30 minute walk.
  • Try a potluck lunch! Assign one person in your friend group/study group one food item to prepare for all of you and share. A neat way to show off your baking skills and cheaper than buying lunch. It’s a chance to indulge in each other’s favorites!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but hopefully you read something you didn’t think of before. Take care of yourselves, Raptors! Get some rest and stay healthy! It’s important! Catch you later ?

Taylor Oland

My name is Taylor and I'm 21 years old. I work full-time and attend MC part-time. I'm working on my Associates in General Studies, but my end goal is to be involved in the mental health field.

I'm an Aquarius, my favorite animals are frogs, and I believe in aliens. I like making jewelry and doing crafty, hands-on projects, and I adore crystals and things to do with magic and nature. 

I'm an intersectional feminist who is passionate about human rights - I am constantly trying to educate and challenge myself to be a better ally and activist.

I greatly enjoy horror movies and novels, and anything creepy, morbid, and macabre.

I love music: specifically rock, alternative, punk, and jazz. I can also play trumpet, guitar, and a bit of piano. It is a habit of mine to take nighttime scenic drives just to listen to music.
I also love breakfast food for any (and every) meal and I live off of excessive coffee. When I'm not at school, work, or asleep, I try to spend as much time as possible outside; I especially love exploring forests. 

If you see me around the Rockville campus, feel free to say hi! I'm pretty shy at first but I'm a very friendly and kind person, I promise.

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  1. Taylor, these are all great suggestions. I am also the 9 hour variety, but seldom get that. Likely, many students do what I fall prey to – maybe 6 or so during the week and than play catch up on the weekend. That’s not the best choice as far as what they suggest for not feeling tired. Parking far and walking is a great way to get some steps in when life is too busy to go to the gym. Talking the stairs instead of an elevator ride for only a floor or two helps. I agree having friendships is an energy booster (and stress reliever) and in addition, eat healthy food! Nothing saps one’s energy that fast, on the run sugary foods. The pot luck is a fantastic idea!

  2. I agree with Jane, these are great suggestions. I love to park my car as far as I can (sometimes I can’t) only because I love my morning walks. I take the time to think about what I need to do for the day to what makes me happy.

    I totally agree about taking scenic walks to class. It’s fun to take different routes walking to class, it gets boring over time. One place I love walking would be behind the science building. I love the lake it really relaxes me.

    Keep it up!

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