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Because We Can!!!

Thursday quote: “One of the most important keys to success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don’t feel like doing it.” – Todd Smith –

MIDTERMS!!! That dreaded word everyone around campus has been hearing and it is just around the corner.

I went around and asked a few students what the first thing was that popped into their mind when I said MIDTERM and I’m sure you can relate to one or all of them.


Lack of sleep?

Teachers grading tests?

Having to take the test?


You are always hungry?

And so many more.

I don’t know about you but I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with classes, assignments, quizzes and extra curricular activities filling up my week. I am good with getting all my work done on time and I have never been late handing in assignments, but for some reason I have been experiencing that ugly word we all know: PROCRASTINATION. The funny thing is that it has only been happening for one of my classes. Folks who are taking or have taken ENG 102 might agree with me on this. It is doing research after research, finding source after source. I’m so grateful that I can use the MC library for the majority of my research, but it doesn’t want to make me do it any less. Whether you are procrastinating in one subject or all of them, we sometimes just don’t know how to get our head in the game and finish our projects or study for tests.

So to help you out, I’ve put together a few tips to get you through your MIDTERMS:

  1. Organise yourself. Print out a calendar or use a journal and plan out what day you want to study for what subject and how many hours you are going to spend studying.
  2. This one links with the first tip: remember to take breaks. My favorite way to do that is to study for 45 minutes, take a 15 minute break and then you do the same time again and again.
  3. We all get the munchies when we study, so to help yourself from eating junk food the whole time. Get yourself some healthier choices like carrots or grapes or clementines.
  4. Make flashcards for yourself.
  5. Read your work out loud so you can hear it back at you.
  6. Go through the notes you made in class and if you didn’t make any notes, ask a class mate if they can share theirs.
  7. Take a walk and get some fresh air.
  9. Don’t try to cram all the work the night before because you are just going to end up feeling tired and your brain will not absorb anything you try to push in there.
  10. Go ask your professors to explain something you didn’t understand; that’s why they have office hours.
  11. And lastly but surely the devil of them all NETFLIX. Try to stay away from Netflix, Hulu or any other device you use to watch your shows. Every time you want to open up the app and watch an episode, pick up a book instead or go through your flashcards again. Midterm is only a week and you will have time to catch up on the episodes you missed, you won’t however have the opportunity to do the same with your score.

And just to give you that push, here is a little motivation:

I know studying takes a lot out of you but enjoy it. College is fun and you are so blessed to be able to study so don’t let something like MIDTERMS get in your way.

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Lack of sleep:
Teachers grading your tests:
Taking test:

Madlene Nel

One part student and one part friend, two parts explorer and four parts drama queen. When you put it all together you’d have a nice apple pie and I just made myself very hungry.

My name is Madlené and I am from South Africa. I have been privileged enough to be able to experience the American culture and get to know a variety of amazing people living here. I enjoy travelling and discovering new places but above all I love meeting new people and learning about their culture while sharing mine as well.

In my free time I enjoy reading a good book or two and of course I am addicted to Netflix (Not my fault . . . it’s those 10 seconds they give you to choose whether you want to go on with the show or stop and I seem to miss clicking the stop button every time). I love writing songs and performing in front of others. Over the weekend I like hanging out with my friends, going to see theatre performances and discovering new places to hike, eat or just to have fun.

 I am majoring in Performance Theatre and want to pursue a career in Musical Theatre.

I am excited to share my college experience with you and I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

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  1. I can so relate with everything especially the organizing and getting enough sleep is super necessary. I definitely think taking a break when getting overwhelmed is super important. I personally always take a break once I get overwhelmed because then I can’t focus on studying.

    1. Yes. That is so true because when you feel overwhelmed your brain isn’t going to get any information in. I love taking walks, it clears my mind and if I’m stress or frustrated I can walk it out.

      1. I totally agree with the whole taking walks and clearing your mind. I definitely do the same thing. In fact I try to find a way to cope with things when I feel like life has taken a huge toll on me! Keep it up, college is tough, but you’re definitely not alone.

  2. Great tips Maddie! It is very difficult for me to sit for any length of time. I have been like that my entire life. It is definitely necessary to eat well, sleep well and take breaks. The mind can only focus for so long. One thing you didn’t mention – quiet zone or no? Most would day quiet absolutely, but when I was young, I could study while watching TV. Actually, I was more productive than in total silence. I guess whatever works, right! Good luck on midterms!

    1. Yes, everyone is different and some listen to classical music while studying. It’s all about what work for you. Thank you.

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