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Student Life provides the structure and YOU provide student life with your passion, ideas, and energy. As a member of the MC community, we know that you will contribute in many important ways and we are here to be inspired by you and lead you to make our campuses even more vibrant.”

Leadership Program

MC Leads: Montgomery College Learn, Empower, Act, Discover, and Serve

“MC LEADS is a leadership-development program designed especially for Montgomery College students and is coordinated by the Rockville Campus, Office of Student Life. Through this program, students will explore many facets of leadership. Participation will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to transform into a successful leader on an individual, group or community level.”

Link for more information:

The Advocate

“The Advocate is a Student Run campus newspaper. It is only available online at If you are interested in contributing to the campus community, gaining media experience, improving your writing, developing effective networking skills, meeting new people, working in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere, and enhancing your MC co-curricular education experience then think about applying to the Advocate.”

Student Senate

“The Student Senate is the student government organization at the Rockville Campus. It represents the entire student body on many levels from organizing events to voicing student concerns to the college administration and state legislation.

What are their responsibilities?
The senate’s primary responsibilities include addressing common student issues and above all enhancing student life during your academic career at Montgomery College.

Why do I need to participate?
You have the opportunity to shape your student government. As a student on the Rockville Campus, it is your responsibility to make sure your suggestions, comments, feedback and concerns are heard and clearly communicated. The Student Senate offers you the opportunity to do so and your participation will make a difference towards making your voice heard.”


For more information about Student Life, please visit:

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Bob Okroajuzie

Hello, I am Bob Ndubuisi Okoroajuzie. Honestly speaking, Christ is the center of my life or at least I try to make him the center. If it doesn’t relate to Christ, it doesn’t relate to me. I became more fond of him through the reading of his word, the same way you’ll become more fond of me through my blogs. Some are surprised when I tell them things like this, or even comment saying, “Oh you’re one of those”. I sometimes laugh because this is my mindset, but I still have a good time. I know when to be serious and when to relax, so the key component in my life is balance. Loving, honesty, and amusing make up Bob. 

I am currently majoring in Business at Montgomery College. My end goal is to graduate from UMD College Park Business school and attend law school (corporate law). I'm passionate about mentoring students and being mentored. Being mentored at a young age has truly helped shape me as a young man. Truly, being a student blogger is an honor. Sharing my experience at MC and providing information will benefit current and future students at Montgomery College. 

Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.

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  1. Bob, just as Ray Ann gave great tips for what is available to students on campus, thanks for pointing out the organizations that are open for all students to participate in. The best way to enjoy the MC college experience is to get involved and all of these are a great way to get involved and meet other students

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