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Why General Studies?

Perhaps it’s something you don’t really know the answers to. But people ask why… why General Studies?

I changed my major three times. I was doing Mental Health for a year, then I switched to English, and now I’m finishing up my Associate’s Degree in General Studies: Studies in Humanities, Arts, Communication, and Languages (HACL Core). And to me, that felt right. Part of the reason why I decided to major in General Studies was because I wanted to explore my options. I wanted to take Psychology classes as well as English classes because I am passionate about both subjects.

“So, what’s your major?” When you’re in college, that’s what everybody asks you. Sometimes I just want to switch the conversation back to a small talk and talk about the weather instead. Sometimes I do worry that someone might think that I don’t really know what I want or that I just can’t make up my mind. Maybe it’s true… Maybe somewhere in my decision making process I was overwhelmed by options that I decided to take a different route. I am two months away from getting my Associate’s Degree and I don’t feel a hint of regret in picking General Studies. I am just beyond grateful for this program!

To those who are unsure about what they want to major in, there’s always something for you to choose from. It almost always comes down to what you’re most passionate about. Sometimes you’ll have more than one and that’s more than okay. Just don’t let doubt be bigger than your dreams. Doubt will always show its face… no matter what you decide to do.


I think I should also mention that it is very important that you meet with an advisor to meet your goals for transfer, wherever you decide to go. And please DO remember that every school will be different (AB University will have different requirements than XYU). To know more about the General Studies program at Montgomery College, please visit



Ray Ann

My name is Ray Ann. I grew up wanting to be a lot of things. Being a lot older now, I realize you never really grow out of those dreams.

I’m 23 years old, barely 5 ft. tall and often mistaken as a high school student. But you know what they say — good things come in small packages. Despite me being a little vertically challenged, I’m a huge basketball fan. I love fast cars and fast…food. I love the color pink and my friends’ sense of humor. I aspire to be the realistic half of my favorite female fiction characters: to be bold and fearless like Nikita, witty, intelligent and fashionable like Blair Waldorf and sweet and sassy like Cher Horowitz.

Being a blogger means a lot of things. We write about anything and everything, including our own lives. We can choose to be private or be an open book. But I hope to share only meaningful and helpful things to anyone who reads my blogs. Montgomery College will always be a big part of my life as it gave me an opportunity to find myself and discover the things I love and gave me all the more reason to be myself.

Let’s believe in each other. 

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  1. General Studies is a great place to start when you don’t know where to start. It is the rare 18 year old who does! In any case, the first two years are nearly identical for most curricula, so it is wise to start that way since most major changes are somewhere in that second year. Thanks for giving a good argument for starting in G.S.

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