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Find A Club That Fits You!

One of the best things about Montgomery College is its diversity. Not only do we have students representing many different countries from all over the world, we also have something for everybody here. This world might not be one size fits all, but you can definitely fit in one single thing… and if you’re lucky, even more! The best thing about it —you get to pick it! I’m talking socializing, having fun, meeting new people, learning. Who would want to say ‘no’ to that?

Joining a club may not seem appealing to you at first, but coming from someone who has joined 3 different clubs in the past couple years I’ve been at  MC, you’d (hopefully) be convinced to join at least one!

Here are a few benefits of joining a club:

  1. You get to meet new people. You’ll talk to them, find out you have things in common, you’ll add each other on social media, then maybe like each other’s pictures? That’s possible. After all, we all just want to feel like we belong somewhere. Knowing that there are other people with the same hobbies and interests as you is a good place to start. People learn from one another, and what’s a better way to grow in certain areas in our lives than to hear from people who think like you?
  2. You get to go on field trips/events.  Everyone likes adventures and maybe a few new experiences might just spark something inside you… a newfound hobby or a passion for something. You  can never go wrong with being on the spontaneous side of things.
  3. It looks good on your resume. It shows that you’re serious about something and you’re up for anything that allows you to broaden your horizons. And the wider the horizons, the richer the perspective.
  4. Free food!!! Yes, you read that right! Most clubs, if not all, usually offer snacks or pizza on the days they meet. I know I don’t ever say no to free pizza!

And no, you don’t have to show up to EVERY single meeting. This is what’s great about clubs; nothing you do counts against you. You’re simply there because you want to.

I wouldn’t have enough space in this blog if I named ALL of our current club listings. I will put a link right down below to see the full list. To name just a few, Montgomery College currently has the following clubs:

African Student Association Club

AGAPE Campus Christian Fellowship Club

Anime Club

Break Dancing Club

Dance Fitness

Early Childhood Education Club

Hospitality Management Club

Inkling Club 

Math Club

MC Engineering Club

Vietnamese Student Association Club

And many more!!


To find out the complete list of our clubs, please click here:




Ray Ann

My name is Ray Ann. I grew up wanting to be a lot of things. Being a lot older now, I realize you never really grow out of those dreams.

I’m 23 years old, barely 5 ft. tall and often mistaken as a high school student. But you know what they say — good things come in small packages. Despite me being a little vertically challenged, I’m a huge basketball fan. I love fast cars and fast…food. I love the color pink and my friends’ sense of humor. I aspire to be the realistic half of my favorite female fiction characters: to be bold and fearless like Nikita, witty, intelligent and fashionable like Blair Waldorf and sweet and sassy like Cher Horowitz.

Being a blogger means a lot of things. We write about anything and everything, including our own lives. We can choose to be private or be an open book. But I hope to share only meaningful and helpful things to anyone who reads my blogs. Montgomery College will always be a big part of my life as it gave me an opportunity to find myself and discover the things I love and gave me all the more reason to be myself.

Let’s believe in each other. 

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  1. Thank you Ray Ann. I have been wondering about the clubs at college and they do seem like a great place to meet people and share hobbies. What clubs have you been a part of?

  2. Wow, I didn’t know we had that many clubs in MC. It’s amazing how not that many students know about this. This is such a great blog for people who are interested in joining clubs. I can’t imagine how many more clubs we have at MC. Makes me want to join a club (not just for food) but sadly I’m already booked enough throughout my day. Great job! I really enjoyed reading this.

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