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Boys To Men on their summer retreat at University of Maryland Eastern Shore.
Hillman Entrepreneurs on their orientation last year.
Graduates from the ATPA program.

Would you like to know how to go to school for free?

How about getting a mentor that can help and guide you through the process at MC?

Or maybe you want to just learn about the resources MC provides. Then I would recommend you keep reading.

Hillman Entrepreneurs

If you have that entrepreneurial mindset or want to learn more about it, check out the Hillman Entrepreneurs. “Being exposed to a wide spectrum of opportunities will give us an edge in the professional space and strengthens our personal skills “, said current Hillman Entrepreneur Samir Kabir. Hillman is the place to be “you learn the nitty-gritty things that normal classes would never teach” said Branden Denchfield. The program has so much to offer; did I mention they cover two-thirds of your tuition? Yes, two-thirds. For more information contact the program coordinator Professor Rebecca Razavi.

Achieving the Promise Academy (ATPA)

For my first year students that are “lost in the sauce”, Achieving the Promise Academy would be great for you. ATPA provides you with mentors, workshops, and advising to help you at MC. Every now and then they have fun activities for current and prospective students in the program. Here is the link for more information:

Boys To Men (BTM)

For the fellas who want to engage in various conversations and learn from one another, Boys To Men (BTM) is the place to be. Boys To Men, and I’m not talking about the singing group,  is a mentoring program for African American males. It seeks to foster a greater degree of academic success, student activism, and personal responsibility. This past summer, they went on a college tour/retreat visiting various universities in the DMV. Professor Griffin is the coordinator of this group, but he is currently on his sabbatical and won’t be back until next year. So Professor Fabian will be filling in.

Peer to Peer Mentoring Program

Also, another great opportunity that’s started this year is MC’s Peer to Peer mentoring program. Students are selected to serve as a resource and a helping hand. Also provide support, encouragement, and information to their mentees. P2P is a college-wide program, so all students have access. They recently held mini mixers on all three campuses. Starting on the September 26th there will be pop up tables if you would like more information.

There are so many opportunities that I didn’t cover, but there are many ways to find out. Go to club fairs, participate in student life activities, do something! We see the slogan “MAKE YOUR MOVE” in different places, but make your move is a daily thing. Applying to MC was just the first step; now you got the push, so make your move in every way you can.

Bob Okroajuzie

Hello, I am Bob Ndubuisi Okoroajuzie. Honestly speaking, Christ is the center of my life or at least I try to make him the center. If it doesn’t relate to Christ, it doesn’t relate to me. I became more fond of him through the reading of his word, the same way you’ll become more fond of me through my blogs. Some are surprised when I tell them things like this, or even comment saying, “Oh you’re one of those”. I sometimes laugh because this is my mindset, but I still have a good time. I know when to be serious and when to relax, so the key component in my life is balance. Loving, honesty, and amusing make up Bob. 

I am currently majoring in Business at Montgomery College. My end goal is to graduate from UMD College Park Business school and attend law school (corporate law). I'm passionate about mentoring students and being mentored. Being mentored at a young age has truly helped shape me as a young man. Truly, being a student blogger is an honor. Sharing my experience at MC and providing information will benefit current and future students at Montgomery College. 

Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.

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  1. Bob as first blog, thanks for pointing students in the right direction to several awesome programs at MC. Sometimes students don’t know what is available or how to get involved. All of the programs you mentioned are very worthy of being familiar with. Looking forward to future posts!

  2. Hey Bob, this blog is super awesome! As a member of ATPA I appreciate you shining a light on the program! More students should definitely know about all of these amazing resources.

  3. Bob, this is such a great blog for incoming freshman! I wish I would’ve known this when I first arrived here at Montgomery College. You know what they say “It’s never too late.” I really enjoyed this.

  4. Thank you for the useful information. I know as a first year student everything can seem confusing and a lot and you don’t always know where to look for opportunities like these.

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