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So this is it. I can’t believe I’m typing my last blog as student blogger. This moment sure came faster than I’d imagined.

Before I go any further, I would first like to say a big thank you to Jane Abraham who made all this possible! And to everyone else behind the scenes, also a big thanks!

I’m grateful that I get to share with everybody everything I want people to know about life in and outside of college. So for those who followed our blogs and vlogs up to this point, THANK YOU!

It is one thing to tell people what’s on your mind but it’s quite another to leave a lasting impact on someone because of what you said. I believe that words are powerful, as they are able to make or break a person. I hope that our future bloggers and vloggers can see what a great opportunity this is to connect with others in a personal way because we all need to be reminded we’re doing a great job even if we don’t feel like it. Or that struggle is inevitable and things won’t always go as smoothly as we hope. Sometimes we need to be reminded that a little bit of light outshines the darkness. That perseverance and integrity are the recipe for any type of success. Maybe on the verge of giving up, you found strength and you want to tell others about it.

Bottom line is, we all need each other.

And to MC for becoming my home these past couple of years, I am forever grateful. Grateful for education. I can’t imagine myself being anywhere else to learn what I’ve learned about life and myself than here. I am grateful for the lasting friendships; I have found my diamonds. Grateful for the lessons, especially the hard ones. Thank you, MC, for allowing me to be myself and helping me become who I am and shaping me to become who I want to be.


Ray Ann

My name is Ray Ann. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I am currently doing General Studies at MC but my big dream is to become a Clinical Counselor  someday! I have loved writing all my life but it took me years to write the way I want. I love to cook and I like to go hiking when life becomes stressful. I play the piano but I only like it when I play at my church because we have a full band. I will never get tired of smelling and testing different brand perfumes at Sephora and shopping is one of my favorite cardio. As for my dream car, I will always want the topless ones (convertibles). 
Despite my sophisticated taste in just about everything, I am a passionate person. I am a giver, and it makes me happy when i'm helping others. Princess Diana is one of my role models. I believe that love and kindness break down walls and move even the hardest of hearts. I'm soft spoken but intuitive, little but fierce. My jokes are kinda cheesy and I feel like i'm always tired but I like to give life my all. I am constantly learning what it means to love my neighbor as myself. Although I've had my share of failures and disappointments during the time I've been here at Montgomery College, I am grateful that I've been given chances to right my wrongs and learn from my mistakes. One of my favorite speakers/authors , Steven Furtick said it this way, "You aren't failing; you are growing. And you aren't a failure; you are a person who is continually improving."

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  1. Ray Ann, I cannot believe the year is coming to a close soon either. It has been a pleasure working with you because you are diligent and so very reliable – something we don’t often find these days, but a very good feeling to know ‘hey, it’s Friday, and Ray Ann’s post WILL be there”. Your character speaks volumes for you and you will succeed, I am certain, in whatever your future plans will be. Best of luck with finals and have a great summer.

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