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What’s On Your Playlist?

Let’s talk music!

Most of us listen to music on  a daily basis. Whether you’re in the car, or taking the bus, in your room, or at work, music is always there to entertain (or distract!) us. In the name of good music, some might even go and argue that music is a human right! Whatever relationship we may have with music, we can all agree it plays a significant role in our  culture and our personal lives.

Music uplifts our moods. Music deflates our feelings. Music makes us happy. It makes us angry. Music can make us remember, it helps us forget; Thus is the power of music. And I am curious, are we really what we listen to?

I have seen many people who have their earphones on while studying. People say it helps them focus.

I can’t do it. I can’t have anything playing while I’m studying or i’ll end up looking up the song or singing along and lose focus. The only time I put on music when I’m at school is during breaks, when I’m walking to class, or when nervous about a test or a presentation. It helps me calm down.

Since I don’t drink coffee, I guess music is my source (ish)  of caffeine. I always have something upbeat playing in the morning when I get ready. It helps me shake off any sluggishness. Then I add some prayer to help me through the day.

I don’t know what your daily routine looks like but I’m pretty sure it involves some pretty “lit” music!


Speaking of which, I wanted to share one of my new favorites 😉


Ray Ann

My name is Ray Ann. I grew up wanting to be a lot of things. Being a lot older now, I realize you never really grow out of those dreams.

I’m 23 years old, barely 5 ft. tall and often mistaken as a high school student. But you know what they say — good things come in small packages. Despite me being a little vertically challenged, I’m a huge basketball fan. I love fast cars and fast…food. I love the color pink and my friends’ sense of humor. I aspire to be the realistic half of my favorite female fiction characters: to be bold and fearless like Nikita, witty, intelligent and fashionable like Blair Waldorf and sweet and sassy like Cher Horowitz.

Being a blogger means a lot of things. We write about anything and everything, including our own lives. We can choose to be private or be an open book. But I hope to share only meaningful and helpful things to anyone who reads my blogs. Montgomery College will always be a big part of my life as it gave me an opportunity to find myself and discover the things I love and gave me all the more reason to be myself.

Let’s believe in each other. 

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