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“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Remember when you were a kid and everybody wanted to know what you want to become? You had so much imagination and pretended to be different things. And now, you’ve reached the age where you’re making tough decisions and your dreams are being realized or maybe even rearranged. Being in college feels like you’re finally boarding the plane toward your dreams.  Some people get what they always wanted. Others, they’re not even sure if their destination is where they want to be anymore. But you’ve gotta land SOMEWHERE. Anywhere. Thankfully, everyday is different even when we do the same exact things.

We want to learn and do things because we want to change something our life, someone else’s, or certain circumstances. We see a need and we want to meet that need. I think that there is something in each person that wants to make a difference.  We meet people who “want to change the world”.

Being a college student  can sometimes put us in an awkward place because we think we’re not quite there yet. We think we can’t make any impact in someone’s life because we’re not living our dreams yet. Or that our dream jobs seem so far away and impossible and we’re not stable enough to be able to even take care of ourselves. That may be true. But that doesn’t make us any less capable of doing something good to make our (and other’s) lives better. We can make time for those we care about. We can be a good example to our friends, kids, siblings, or even strangers. The one thing we can’t do is disqualify ourselves because we don’t have it together.

Young people are powerful. We just have to tap into our gifts and talents and who we are to be able to make our mark on this world.

Make a ripple effect using your life to inspire others; no matter where you are in life. You will always find people who need your help and someone who will find strength in your story. Work hard and do your best in everything you do. College gives us this special opportunity to not only grow as an individual but also in the society we are a part of.

Ray Ann

My name is Ray Ann. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I am currently doing General Studies at MC but my big dream is to become a Clinical Counselor  someday! I have loved writing all my life but it took me years to write the way I want. I love to cook and I like to go hiking when life becomes stressful. I play the piano but I only like it when I play at my church because we have a full band. I will never get tired of smelling and testing different brand perfumes at Sephora and shopping is one of my favorite cardio. As for my dream car, I will always want the topless ones (convertibles). 
Despite my sophisticated taste in just about everything, I am a passionate person. I am a giver, and it makes me happy when i'm helping others. Princess Diana is one of my role models. I believe that love and kindness break down walls and move even the hardest of hearts. I'm soft spoken but intuitive, little but fierce. My jokes are kinda cheesy and I feel like i'm always tired but I like to give life my all. I am constantly learning what it means to love my neighbor as myself. Although I've had my share of failures and disappointments during the time I've been here at Montgomery College, I am grateful that I've been given chances to right my wrongs and learn from my mistakes. One of my favorite speakers/authors , Steven Furtick said it this way, "You aren't failing; you are growing. And you aren't a failure; you are a person who is continually improving."

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  1. I like your post Ray Ann; you are a young lady beyond your years. Truth is, most of us end up in a profession we did not major in, but often it seems to circle back to what we probably should have in the first place. Happily, my kids knew the major they wanted and stayed the course 4 years, but one) often that is not the case and two) often the major of the college degree is meaningless (as well as the university name) once that first job is landed. College proves who you are – someone who can tough it out and handle pressure. That in itself bodes well for most careers. Not having a degree or not knowing what you really want does not mean you cannot set good examples and inspire others along the way. Having honesty, integrity, and class (no not the math kind!) are certain to sustain you and inspire others to follow your example.

    1. Thank you, Jane. I really like what you said. I think people just want to do something that’s fulfilling to them, no matter how absurd or contradictory they are to what others believe they should do. I know people who quit a good job to do something that makes them happier. But then again, everyone has their own definition of “happy”.

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