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You Ever Have This Happen?

You study really hard for a test, thinking you got everything covered.

You go and take the test…every bit you missed during studying just happened to be on there.

You just say to yourself  “cool, nice, great…feels real good…everything is fine, I got this.”

You didn’t get it; you failed the test. 😀

Yeah…that happened to me today. Well, at least I think it did. I haven’t gotten the test back so I’m not sure. Anyway, I was really beating myself up over that, but instead of going into a melodramatic spin of loathing, I just dropped it.  The past is the past.  I can’t change that test now; I did what I could to prepare. Better luck next time.


I think I spent about 90% of the time it took to write this blog looking up that gifset. “You see this test? This is literally my worst test. *turns in test* Now it’s gone forever. So, it’s not real and I don’t care about it anymore.”

Well, it’s a good thing that test wasn’t a final. Although, now I have to focus on those darned things. I do look forward to my lit class. I never had a great foundation in the classics; now I’m getting immersed in stories I never knew existed. Favorites so far have been: Don Quixote, The Odyssey, and Beowulf. This week I get to read Hamlet. The only play I remember reading from Shakespeare is A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Looking forward to getting familiar with the man himself. As far as poetry is concerned, I’ve got the Beat Generation to write about, which is a somewhat elusive bunch. History? Well lots of memorization to…well memorize.

Till next time,



I am 20 years old and reside (for the most part) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I am on my second full year of classes(one year I took a single class as I was working). I have, however, recently moved to Prince George’s County and take my classes almost fully online for the exception of one short class at Takoma Park MC. I plan to finish my associates this fall or winter semester and transfer to a 4-year with an associates in General Studies.

Montgomery College has been my main occupancy for the past 2 years and I believe it’s also been the setting in which I’ve transformed and grown as an individual the most. I won’t say that the College is fully responsible for my change, but it has been a nurturing environment for me to trip up and fall down a couple times. Whether the issue was medical, personal, or economical. MC has been a forgiving institute, that I can say is unique to any 4-year. I feel that if I didn’t take my first steps at MC I wouldn’t be in college right now. I’d be in the army. Hmm, don’t the say the pen is mightier than the sword anyway?

So what now? Well I hope this introduction can show you a little of my background, as I am not a deeply personal man, I actually don’t talk about myself much, even less do I complain. Yet, I see this blog as accomplishing a task greater than a self-dominated diary of my experiences. I want this blog to persuade you to, if you haven’t decided already, to enroll at Montgomery College, I promise you won’t regret it.

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  1. Hi Jake – sorry about your test, but don’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch. As you said, it was not the final so there is a chance to redeem yourself and forgive yourself. Don’t beat yourself up too bad. I bet you’ll step to the challenge and pull through on the final to get a good passing grade. Good luck!

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