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Frinally Friday!

In honor of Thanksgiving, there are two things this week i’m especially thankful for:

Coffee and Friday. And I don’t even always say that.

Coffee is not part of my daily routine like it is for many, many people. I start my day staying in bed for as long as I can until I only have 30 minutes to get ready, which I always regret because sometimes I’d get stuck in the 8:00 a.m. traffic and would take me almost a whole hour to get to school compared to  20 minutes it would take without the traffic. So even if I wanted to, making coffee would take up “too much” time out of my routine. I’m used to being in a hurry every morning but i’m not getting better at it. As dramatic as that sounds, it isn’t the only reason I don’t drink coffee on a daily basis. Might have also been influenced by a bad caffeine experience back in highschool. I don’t remember.

This week, I had tests for two of my classes on the same day. My math class starts 12:30-1:45 and then I have Philosophy at 2. That 15 minute gap is my chance to either take a short nap or review my notes for a hundredth time. I always choose the latter, but everyone who’s had a similar experience knows how overwhelming close tests can be. SO, knowing how risky my situation is, on Thursday, I woke up much earlier, made myself a cup of coffee, had breakfast and even had time to do my hair and makeup. I knew while I was studying that I made the right decision to let caffeine flow through my veins instead of regret. But of course, every good story has an ending: I immediately crashed when I got home. It was the good kind of crash, almost like a relief you’ve been looking forward to all day. I was looking for a way to ace those tests and coffee did just that for me. Coffee studied for me, it took the test for me, it even made me look alive! For that I am grateful.


And call me eccentric but I don’t mind Mondays. Fridays are ok, too.  I know for some people, they worship Fridays like it saved them from eternal suffering and loathe Mondays like it’s what’ll send us to eternal flame. Which makes sense. I like Fridays more, too. But what made today a better Friday than last week’s Good Friday is that I got a lot of things done. That probably sounds mundane but I haven’t had the motivation to fix/rearrange/decorate my room in like a year. Maybe two. So that’s a big accomplishment for me. And I get to feel good about it!

Remember to appreciate little things. Like waking up early to do what you have to do and love life no matter what day it is.

Ray Ann

My name is Ray Ann. I grew up wanting to be a lot of things. Being a lot older now, I realize you never really grow out of those dreams.

I’m 23 years old, barely 5 ft. tall and often mistaken as a high school student. But you know what they say — good things come in small packages. Despite me being a little vertically challenged, I’m a huge basketball fan. I love fast cars and fast…food. I love the color pink and my friends’ sense of humor. I aspire to be the realistic half of my favorite female fiction characters: to be bold and fearless like Nikita, witty, intelligent and fashionable like Blair Waldorf and sweet and sassy like Cher Horowitz.

Being a blogger means a lot of things. We write about anything and everything, including our own lives. We can choose to be private or be an open book. But I hope to share only meaningful and helpful things to anyone who reads my blogs. Montgomery College will always be a big part of my life as it gave me an opportunity to find myself and discover the things I love and gave me all the more reason to be myself.

Let’s believe in each other. 

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  1. Ray Ann, I am a true coffee addict and would have to rehab to break my 6+ cups a day. I’ve cut way down. Someone told me recently I used to drink 17. (I quizzed him: You mean 7? He said, “No, 17”)!! As much as they have tried to demonize the little bean, nothing substantial health wise has ever come out and more is positive than negative (like it may have antioxidants and fight some cancers). Indeed, studies have proven that athletic and test taking performance are superior after having caffeine. I rest my case 🙂

    1. Because i’m not a regular coffee drinker, a cup will usually last me about 6 hours. 6 cups will probably send me to the emergency room! And i’d have to agree that caffeine somewhat enhances academic performance. Without coffee, our world would be slower!

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