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After three weeks, I am finally back.

After three weeks, I am finally back.

But first I’ll give you my alibi: I had no internet at first, then I got busy during Thanksgiving break, then I lost the url for the login page so that I could post, and finally when I was able to find the login page it wouldn’t work. Actually, I’m not even writing on my home computer, I still haven’t fixed the issue, I’m writing on a friends comp.

I digress.

It’s probably appropriate to catch y’all up on what I’ve been doing. Well…not much has really happened outside of my Thanksgiving week. These past two weeks I’ve been doing pretty much the same thing, a routine if you will. That is:

  • Working Out at home, here’s the routine-> – Also, I’m trying to do at least 200 pull-ups&push-ups on top of that a week.
  • Cooking- Check out Jamie Oliver’s Food revolution, extremely easy, beginner (that’s me) friendly recipes :
  • Hiking
  • Studying. I’ve been reading so much that I might actually have to get reading glasses because I have issue reading that small font 24/7

This sums up my last few weeks.

I’ve discovered I am actually pretty terrible at being sedentary. If I sit for more than an hour at a time, my legs get tight and I just have to get up and move. I actually used to be very good at sitting back in high school, but since then I’ve become more active and definitely realized how much of an outdoors type I am. That being said, you just can’t move away from schoolwork once you’re in it. Balance is key, I compromise and it keeps me sane. I’ll never have an office job, that’s for sure.

I have to catch up with my submissions, so keep an eye out for another submission this weekend.

Till then, Auf Wiedersehen


I am 20 years old and reside (for the most part) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I am on my second full year of classes(one year I took a single class as I was working). I have, however, recently moved to Prince George’s County and take my classes almost fully online for the exception of one short class at Takoma Park MC. I plan to finish my associates this fall or winter semester and transfer to a 4-year with an associates in General Studies.

Montgomery College has been my main occupancy for the past 2 years and I believe it’s also been the setting in which I’ve transformed and grown as an individual the most. I won’t say that the College is fully responsible for my change, but it has been a nurturing environment for me to trip up and fall down a couple times. Whether the issue was medical, personal, or economical. MC has been a forgiving institute, that I can say is unique to any 4-year. I feel that if I didn’t take my first steps at MC I wouldn’t be in college right now. I’d be in the army. Hmm, don’t the say the pen is mightier than the sword anyway?

So what now? Well I hope this introduction can show you a little of my background, as I am not a deeply personal man, I actually don’t talk about myself much, even less do I complain. Yet, I see this blog as accomplishing a task greater than a self-dominated diary of my experiences. I want this blog to persuade you to, if you haven’t decided already, to enroll at Montgomery College, I promise you won’t regret it.

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  1. Jake, I am glad you were finally able to post. It has been a tough week for several. It sounds like you have a good balance, but I could not agree more that people need to learn how to cook! It’s becoming a lost art and as a society, we are getting unhealthier and heavier the more we eat out . Not only that, it provides great skills, can be relaxing and I think baking and cooking with kids is a great family bonding time that also gives a sense of accomplishment. Have you seen the Rocco Dispirito show “Now Eat This”. He takes all our favorite comfort foods and makes them healthy. It must be working – he is 50 and looks 35. Check it out:

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