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Guess What?!?


Did you get it?

Well just in case you didn’t, that is a Testudo!


Which is also the name of this^ guy, which happens to be the mascot of University of Maryland, College Park.

The same University I just got accepted into and I’d like to thank Montgomery College for giving me this opportunity. I’ll give a brief explanation as to why MC is the only reason I’ll be attending College Park in the Spring.

Out of High School I didn’t have much in the way of anything notable as far as school was concerned. I really didn’t like school, I was tired of being treated like a child and being forced to take a bunch of classes I didn’t like, and also I hated waking up that early in the morning. Exiting High School, I hadn’t put any application out to any college and I didn’t even plan to attend Montgomery College initially, because I didn’t have something I truly liked doing in academia. I’d like to make it clear that my grades were fine out of school, I did well in the classes that “mattered”, but I lacked any drive. I just didn’t care and the only thing that got me to start caring was moving towards something I enjoyed doing. Now, MC didn’t offer this in an obvious way to me, but it did offer something very critical to the process of obtaining that. Montgomery College offered me breathing room. Breathing room that let me explore, define, and decide what the heck I wanted to do. Whether that be in Art, Trades, or STEM. Montgomery College offered me a place there. I will always recommend them to anyone that has some shadow of a doubt about what they want to do, because it’s better to ‘spin your wheels’ here than it would be at a 4-year that costs twice to three times as much.

Montgomery College allows you to take your time and we all know “Slow and steady wins the race.”


I am 20 years old and reside (for the most part) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I am on my second full year of classes(one year I took a single class as I was working). I have, however, recently moved to Prince George’s County and take my classes almost fully online for the exception of one short class at Takoma Park MC. I plan to finish my associates this fall or winter semester and transfer to a 4-year with an associates in General Studies.

Montgomery College has been my main occupancy for the past 2 years and I believe it’s also been the setting in which I’ve transformed and grown as an individual the most. I won’t say that the College is fully responsible for my change, but it has been a nurturing environment for me to trip up and fall down a couple times. Whether the issue was medical, personal, or economical. MC has been a forgiving institute, that I can say is unique to any 4-year. I feel that if I didn’t take my first steps at MC I wouldn’t be in college right now. I’d be in the army. Hmm, don’t the say the pen is mightier than the sword anyway?

So what now? Well I hope this introduction can show you a little of my background, as I am not a deeply personal man, I actually don’t talk about myself much, even less do I complain. Yet, I see this blog as accomplishing a task greater than a self-dominated diary of my experiences. I want this blog to persuade you to, if you haven’t decided already, to enroll at Montgomery College, I promise you won’t regret it.

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  1. Congratulations Jake on your acceptance to UMD! I have heard it before: MC offers a great starting place, a place to get grounded as a student and some of the best professors. Apparently, engineering students perform better and have a lower drop rate when they got their first 2 years underway here and then transferred to UMD for the last two. MC offers a unique experience and a nurturing one not found in mega classes. Best of luck to you!

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