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Important note: April 5, 2016 will be the last day to migrate e-mail from your old account to Office 365.

Please read the Office 365 FAQs for additional information.

Montgomery College is bringing you new capabilities to improve your educational experience through the power and versatility of Microsoft’s Office suite.

Once in Student Office 365, you have a simple dashboard that is your entry to a world of features:


Online access to e-mail

Now you can check your e-mail, calendars, and tasks from anywhere using Microsoft’s Outlook Web Access.

Learn more about Outlook Online


Online versions of the Office suite.

Don’t have a device with Word on it? Use the online version, which has the same look and feel (you can also do the same with Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote).

Learn more about Office Online

WordOnline_icon     ExcelOnline_icon     PowerPointOnline_icon     OneNoteOnline_icon

A new presentation tool

Sway_iconSway allows you to create great designs, presentations, newsletters, papers, and much more.

Tools for sharing and collaborating.

Yammer_iconUse Yammer, Microsoft’s tool that supports a private social network, as a collaboration and conversation tool for projects, groups, and teams.
OneDrive_iconOneDrive gives you 1 TB of storage to keep your files in the cloud, accessible from anywhere.

Other features in Office 365 include:

Groups_iconGroups gives you the ability to create a group that shares mail, IMs, blogs, notes, storage, and calendars.  You can access Groups through Mail, Calendar, and People.

SkypeforBusiness_iconSkype for Business allows you to have an account different from your personal Skype account. You can conference in large groups of people and participate in secure online meetings.  Skype meetings can be scheduled through Calendar.


Office Suite Applications

If you want all of the power of Office on your Mac or PC you now can install the full suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote – on not just one device, but up to FIVE devices!

Learn more about Office Suite






 Please read the Office 365 FAQs for additional information.

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