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The “Report Phishing” button is now available within the Outlook Mail App on your mobile device. If you do not have the Outlook Mobile App, please visit the App Store on your mobile device to download this free application.

To report phishing emails, open the email message and click on the three circle dots located in the top right corner of the email. This will reveal the “Report Phishing” button for reporting malicious emails.

Click on the “Report Phishing” button to complete the reporting process.

As a reminder, reporting using the Report Phishing tool is the preferred action over clicking on links or attachments. IT Security analyzes the reported threats and proactively blocks further access to malicious links/attachments contained in the phishing emails to prevent account compromises.

OIT encourages all employees who need assistance in spotting a phishing email to take the Cybersecurity e-courses within MC Learns. The e-courses are short videos that provide employees with the skills needed to detect malicious emails. Additionally, all employees are invited to register for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to increase their privacy and security. To learn more about 2FA, please visit

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