President’s Message

Past presidents

MC President DeRionne Pollard met with past Alumni Association presidents in March. From Left: Socrates Koutsoutis ’56, John Libby ’80, Robert Hydorn ’71, Tookie Gentilcore ’94, Richard Beall ’71, Carol Leahy ’74, Dr. Pollard, Dr. Lucy Vitaliti ’77, Association President Lori Thomas ’99, Stacy Wood ’74, and Association Executive Director Greg Enloe.

What a difference six months can make! In our last issue’s class notes, we reported that Christian Barrera ’08 held a senior advisor’s position in the DC government. Since then, he’s received our “Rising Star” Young Alumni Recognition Award. He joined football and baseball great Gene Thomas ’89 and basketball star Melissa Weithman ’05 for this spring’s Alumni Awards, along with architect Paola Moya ’05 and Hughes Network Systems vice president Jim Muir ’75.

As you’ll see in this issue, Jim has a remarkable track record in the community—both advocating for the Germantown Campus’s improvement and raising scholarship funds for students there. And Paola has made her mark on the community with stunning building and monument designs, notably in the interior remake of the District’s historic Howard Theatre.

As the academic year ends, we return to our own theatre tradition: Alumni and College Retiree discounts for the opening Friday of both Summer Dinner Theatre shows. Use the alumni discount code to reserve your tickets and join us for some of the best talent our region has to offer onstage!

We announced in April’s Happenings e-newsletter that members are receiving their updated Alumni Association cards, showing our new address and emblem and listing some of the membership benefits now available. We depend on you to identify new ways to serve our members and support our future members—today’s students. Please get in touch if you’d like to help roll out a new benefit.

We also depend on you to let us know about your academic milestones and career successes, as they enable us to celebrate Montgomery College’s real product—successful students. I encourage you to send us your updates for class notes.

In this issue, we highlight a recent graduate who’s already making a mark in our work. Audrey Awasom ’16 has volunteered to strengthen our ties to new alumni. If you’re transferring to a four-year program this year, Audrey will need to hear what you need as you enter your next institution—and how we can arrange for fellow members already there to help deliver it.

I’ll also give a shout-out to one of our older alums, Jacob Wilson ’42 of the Bliss Electrical School. He’s still going at age 97 and is checking in to see if any of his buddies are still around. If you served with him in the Southwest Pacific or Brisbane, call the office and we’ll put you in touch. From World War II to the present, the College continues to support and train our military and veterans—as you’ll see in our profile of Sukwon Koh ’18, who’s completing a nursing degree while on active duty at Walter Reed.

In March, we hosted a reunion of past Alumni Association Presidents in our new office space. This summer, I’ll join their ranks as my term concludes. I thank you for all you’ve done to serve your fellow Association members, and support the students who’ve come along after us. Please keep up the good work!

Lori A. Thomas ’99
Alumni Association President

Photo courtesy MC Alumni Association