Learning To Teach

Lightbulb illustration constructed from a series of smaller illustrations representing various different areas of study.

Students bound for teaching careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education can now try out teaching early in their academic careers via the new Learning Assistant (LA) program. Funded by a National Science Foundation Noyce Grant, the program allows MC to hire and train students to work with a faculty mentor, one on one, to assist in a specific STEM course. Opportunities include classroom assistance, mini-presentations in lecture, laboratory assistance, review sessions, office hours, computer lab guidance, and STEM outreach opportunities in the local public schools. A new partnership with University of Maryland allows the LAs who transfer there to continue working at College Park. The program currently has 30–35 participants spanning all three campuses and representing all STEM disciplines each semester. MC is one of the few community colleges nationwide to adopt the LA model for developing new teachers.

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