Need Inspiration- Innovation Grant Ideas

Thinking about applying for an Innovation Grant but not sure what project to propose? Here are some examples of what others are doing across the country to help improve student and institutional success:


New Challenges to Active Learning Initiatives
What makes a successful, active learning course, beyond faculty training and a well-designed classroom? This study found some interesting answers to this question.

Peer Mentors Help College Students Succeed
Research evidence affirms the idea that peer supports are crucial in helping students succeed in college, and that many peer mentoring programs have had positive effects on both mentors and mentees. According to several studies, mentoring programs can improve the interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills of mentors. Both mentees and mentors can acquire better time-management skills and a greater sense of responsibility.

When Students Create Their Own Curriculum: The Big Picture Learning Model
Dozens of schools around the United States are opting to ditch the traditional school structure altogether to motivate teens in new ways – and it seems to be working. They are using the Big Picture Learning model. Big Picture’s model is now used in more than 60 schools across the United States.

Three Predictions About the Future of Higher Education

Based on Moody’s recent ratings actions, Jeff Selingo makes three predictions about the future of higher education.

What Are Students Demanding?

ACE’s Hollie Chessman and Lindsay Wayt analyze the demands from student organizers across 76 higher education institutions and coalitions. This post is the first in a series sparked by recent student protests and the national dialogue on diversity and inclusion.

Consider some other national models:

Aspen Institute Prize Winners

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Learning Module Grants

Educause Breakthrough Models Academy

Learn more about submitting an Innovation Fund Grant Application:

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