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Earning the Degree

Earning a Hillman Minor in Technology Entrepreneurship

By competing the series of courses required by the Hillman Entrepreners Program, students earn a minor in Technology Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland College Park.

The first course  (ISTD 140) transfers to University of Maryland as a general elective course, while ISTD 210 is credited towards the minor.

Courses at Montgomery College:

ISTD 140 – Discovering New Ventures – Foundations of Entrepreneurship
ISTD 210 – Entrepreneurial Opportunity Analysis & Decision Making in Technology Ventures

Courses at University of Maryland College Park:
HLMN 470 – Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Ventures
HLMN 471 – Entrepreneurial Finance
HLMN 472 – Strategies for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
HLMN 473 – Consulting in Tech Entrepreneurship

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