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Thursday, January 25, was an important date in the lives of over 150 small business owners and employees. The FederalCONNECTOR Power Session, sponsored by Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation in Largo, MD,  was aimed at teaching small businesses how to secure federal contracts. The session had multiple speakers, ranging from past bureaucrats to current consultants. The speeches focused primarily on the processes to qualify your business, including pricing and staffing. The 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm session shared tools and tips from past professionals to new companies. Many questions where answered, mainly concerning how to compete with large businesses and how to acquire contracts secured for small businesses.

This session was incredibly useful due to the large amount of resources available. I was able to learn how a startup company could compete with massive companies by utilizing contacts through networking techniques and finding free resources online. I was able to speak briefly with Prince Georges County Economic Development Corporation President Jim Coleman, who hosted the event, to learn that utilizing resources available, small businesses can grow and leave a legacy for future generations. I will be certain to learn more about the options for small businesses in order to prepare for future possibilities as an Hillman Entrepreneur who wants to leave a fantastic legacy.

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