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Our primary interest in eportfolio is that they have been shown to increase student success by:

  • Stimulate deeper learning and transfer of skills and knowledge
  • Give students the opportunity to be more intentional and deliberate in integrating their personal, academic, and professional goals with their learning
  • Promote reflective and critical thinking as well other 21st century skills
  • Give students a vehicle to articulate how their educational experience at Montgomery College prepares them for future academic and career goals

Benefits to Students

For students, eportfolios have the potential to:

  • mprove learning outcomes (deep learning/synthesis/new connections/create new knowledge
  • Create a cohesive learning experience across a program
  • Integrate knowledge across disciplines and experiences
  • Encourages ownership and engagement in educational experience
  • Foster intentionality and goal setting
  • Develop digital skills (digital citizenship, technical skills and digital literacy)
  • Create portable, evolving record of accomplishments, skills and knowledge
  • Create a holistic of student for transfer and employment
  • Foster student’s ability to articulate a holistic view of their skills and knowledge

Benefits to Faculty

For faculty, eportfolios have the potential to

  • Promote connection to students
  • Increase student engagement
  • Improve student performance
  • Provide a holistic view of individual student experiences across courses and disciplines

Benefits to the Institution

For institutions, eportfolios have the potential

  • Improve student learning outcomes and improve our ability to document learning
  • Increase student engagement and retention
  • Enhance program focus
  • Support meaningful, efficient assessment
  • Replicate best practices (accreditation standards)
  • Demonstrate evidence of the quality of a Montgomery College learning experience
  • Provide a holistic view of Montgomery College students


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