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Use the information below to help you set up your ePortfolio.  On this page, you will find basic requirements and expectations for all ePortfolios, and you will find instructions for setting up your site using the Montgomery College WordPress template.

ePortfolio requirements and expectations

  • ePortfolios structure requirements, regardless of platform, include the following pages:
    • Welcome/About me Page
    • Goals Page
    • Coursework Page
    • Individual Course Subpages
  • See the Montgomery College Template for what the structure looks like.
  • Instructors will provide course specific requirements for individual course pages or requirements.
  • If you are in multiple courses, in one semester, that require an eportfolio, you should only create one portfolio with multiple subpages reflecting requirements for each course.
  • You should come back to your ePortfolio updating the main pages and adding content to your course work page.

Instructions for Using the Montgomery College WordPress template

The following instructions are designed to help you get started with your ePortfolio using the open source platform. While you are not required to use WordPress for your ePortfolio, following these instructions provided by Montgomery College will allow you to take advantage of Montgomery College resources, including technical support.

The instructions are broken up into four convenient documents containing detailed instructions on how to:

  • set up your account,
  • set up your site with the Montgomery College ePortfolio template,
  • and how to edit your site’s content.

Make sure you complete all the steps in each part before moving on to the next part. You may want to take some time to read through all the instructions before getting started.

Download the Montgomery College WordPress Template

Note: Save the file to your desktop, but do not open it. You will upload the whole file to your WordPress site.

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