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Blooming Creature: The life cycle of a flower, blooming in a magical garden

October 30, 2016

Presented by the Cultural Arts Center and Kids Euro Festival

The Silence of the Forest,

The Echo of the Trees

The Time and the Season when the flowers breathe,

A Withered Flower Blooming Again,

Patiently Awaiting the First Shower of Rain.

A Mysterious Creature springs out with Flair

Dissolving Rhythmically with the Sound of Air…

From Malta—  the Moveo Dance Company presents an interactive performance portraying the life cycle of a flower, blooming in a magical garden. This flower interacts with a mystical creature that changes shape and form throughout the piece. A relationship is created and developed between the flower and this creature, with the performance culminating when the creature spreads the flowers’ seeds to pollinate and thus ensure the beauty of the flower will live on forever, completing its life cycle.  Ages 5-12 years, 30 minute show followed by 30 minute interactive workshop




2 PM

Run Time:

30 min. show followed by 30 min. interactive workshop

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