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Virtual Reality: Prospective Students Can Now See MC’s Campuses From Anywhere In The World

For prospective students, visiting a college campus has always been a great way to see if a school is a good fit. But for those who live far away—Montgomery College welcomes students from 160 countries—or work full-time, seeing our campuses wasn’t always possible. Until now.

Virtual Tour Image of GermantownMontgomery College has created self-contained online tours for the Rockville, Germantown, and Takoma Park/Silver Spring campuses. The tour includes 45 tour stops and 80 panorama images. At each tour stop, a student-narrator describes the buildings, activities, and opportunities for that geographic location. Users can access the tour in English or Spanish on a phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

“I think it will be an incredibly helpful tool for prospective students and their families,” says Emily Schmidt, director of marketing and digital media at the College. “It gives an inside look at the many outstanding opportunities at MC.”

“It’s not just about the campus buildings. At every stop, the tour showcases educational programs and student services,” added Ray Gilmer, vice president of communications at MC. “For prospective students and their families, many of whom have never been to an MC campus, the online tour is another validation that Montgomery College offers all the elements of a high-quality education.”Virtual Tour Takoma Park/Silver Spring

A mobile app allows for an even more immersive experience. Users can see a full 360-degree panoramic view just by moving their phones. The tour can even be experienced in virtual reality mode for those who own a VR headset.

Want to try it out yourself?  Click here.

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