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From the University of Maryland to the University of Alaska, from the Berklee College of Music to Georgia Tech, Montgomery College students transfer to four-year schools near and far. Seth Kamen, manager of transfer and academic services, says starting early is the key to a successful transfer process. “It’s important to start planning as soon as you arrive at MC. I believe there is an ideal four-year school for every student, but it takes research and planning.”

 Dean Schleicher and Seth Kamen
Dean Schleicher and Seth Kamen

Fortunately, the College has many resources to help students through selecting and enrolling in a four-year school.

“Meeting with a counselor is a great first step,” says Dean Schleicher, articulation and transfer specialist. “Letting the counselor know your major and the schools you are considering will allow him or her to help you select classes that will transfer.”

Consider these factors when choosing a four year school:

  1. School Size – Would you prefer a school with large class sizes and big campus environment or one with fewer students in class and an intimate learning environment?
  2. Total Cost – What will tuition and housing cost? Will you have to take on loans to afford earning your bachelor’s degree?
  3. Location – Are you willing to go to a school far away? Is it important to stay close to your family?
  4. Housing – Will you commute or move closer to the college or university? Do you prefer a dorm-like experience or living on your own?
  5. Scholarships – Are transfer scholarships available from four-year schools? (Transfer scholarships are available to students with a certain GPA and a minimum number of credits earned. Visit the transfer scholarship website to learn more.)
  6. Student Life – Is it important for you to attend a school with athletic programs, Greek life or certain clubs?
  7. Acceptance Rate – Which schools accept international students?
  8. Major – Does the school have the major/degree program you want to pursue?  What about a backup major in case you change your mind?
  9. Diversity – Is the student body diverse? Are you comfortable that you will fit in?
  10. Job Outlook – Do students easily find jobs after graduating?  Is there a Career Services office that can help with job placement?

Transfer fairs, which are held each semester on each campus, allow you to meet representatives from the schools you are considering and ask questions. About 50 four-year schools attend each fair. Additionally, some schools set up tables throughout the semester; you can see the schedule here.

For students able to visit prospective transfer schools, Schleicher highly recommends it. “You will get a feel for whether or not you would be happy attending a school by walking around campus,” he says.

Every student who transfers to a four-year school from Montgomery College has several advantages, says Kamen. “It means you will likely only need 60 more credits to earn your bachelor’s degree, you will save money, and it looks good on your resume.” To learn more about transferring visit the transfer website and check out Transfer Times.

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