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Student Success Score Card:  Tracking Our Progress

student_success_scorecard_400x295The Student Success Score Card was introduced in the spring of 2015 to track student performance on several key measures relevant to academic success.  To look at the Score Card in greater detail, please click here.  Here are the most recent highlights from the Score Card.

More students are attempting developmental courses
Gateway and developmental courses such as English and math are considered critical to achieving success in college.  Students needing developmental English classes fell slightly, while those needing developmental math rose slightly.  More students attempted introductory English than the previous year, up from 58 percent to 63 percent.  More attempted math as well, up from 26 percent to 28 percent.

Student retention is on the rise
Several measures of student progress—retention, attainment of credit levels, course pass rates—capture changes from the previous year.  Fall-to-spring retention was up dramatically (from 71 to 80 percent), while fall-to-fall return rates were up, albeit less dramatically (from 60 to 64 percent).

The time it takes students to complete their studies is declining
The less time it takes a student to complete their studies, the better.  Our FY15 completers’ time-to-award decreased by almost a year, from 5.4 to 4.5 years for degree recipients and from 6.9 to 5.8 years for certificate recipients.

However, overall completion declined slightly
The total graduation/transfer rate in FY15 was 36 percent.  This was down from the previous year’s combined 41 percent.  So, while there are many positive signs in the ingredients for completion, it is important to maintain momentum and continue to support students striving to meet their educational goals.

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