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Pollard Opens Semester Focused On Inclusion, Impact

Distinguished scholar Dr. Frank Harris addresses the Fall Opening Meeting attendees.

Last week, Montgomery College President DeRionne Pollard kicked off the 2016/17 academic year with a unique exercise at the Fall Opening Meeting.

Hundreds of faculty, staff and administrators huddled with students to directly discuss their experiences at the College and the areas in which the College can improve its response to the needs of its students.

Students raised a wide range of issues including the need for engaged, caring faculty, financial aid, campus signage and disability needs. College employees left the conversations with a number of fresh ideas and suggestions on how to make the student experience even better.

“We have doubled-down on our commitment to student success,” explained Dr. Pollard.  “And a key to that success is deeply listening to what the students need and want to make their success here all the more likely.”

Distinguished scholar Dr. Frank Harris presented recent data on various and sundry strategies that faculty can use in the classroom to engage and students and improve learning outcomes.

The College is especially focused on the success and completion rate of students of color who now comprise more than 72 percent of Montgomery College enrollees.

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