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MC Student A Star Behind The Scenes At WAMU

NPR-1In the afternoon and early evenings, if you tune into WAMU 88.5—the leading Washington, DC area public radio station—you are  likely listening to the work of Montgomery College student Natalie Yuravlivker.  If her name isn’t ringing a bell, that’s because Yuravlivker is busy behind the scenes, operating the sound board for All Things Considered, the station’s flagship afternoon program.

Seated before five computer screens and one sound board, Yuravlivker says she is the one who “mixes the show live by putting all the elements together—the local host, the national NPR feed, and recorded features.” She also monitors the microphones and controls 16 “faders,” which help control the volume and what is played on the air.

Yuravlivker, who started as volunteer in the newsroom, has also worked as a call screener for The Diane Rehm Show, broadcast to over two million listeners across the country. Although she already had a bachelor’s degree in architecture from McGill University in Canada, her experience at the radio station prompted Yuravlivker to look into courses at Montgomery College.

“I thought I might take one class in video editing,” she says.  She is now nearing completion on her television production certificate. “The facilities at Montgomery College are so impressive,” Yuravlivker says. “They are really an excellent example of what is used in the ‘real world.’”  And she is especially enjoying her directing class with Professor Christopher Koch. “His wealth of experience is unparalleled.”

It was Yuravlivker’s own experience that impressed Brian O’Neal, who supervises the students who work with MCTV. “Having Natalie join the student team brought a terrific spirit to the unit. She came with some experience in radio, and quickly grasped the creative and technical aspects of video production. Her energy and can-do attitude afforded her multiple opportunities to grow her skill set on complex projects. Thus, Natalie has positioned herself to have a successful career in the media business,” he said.

Yuravlivker hopes to work in one of the post-production houses in the area or maybe even try her hand as technical director for television. But for now, her new skills will be on full display as she will be one of the College’s first ever student video bloggers.

And we’ll be watching—and listening.

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