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MC Grads Earn Most, According To US Department Of Education

labA new US Department of Education blog ranks public community colleges by state in terms of student earnings.

The data indicate that in Maryland, Montgomery College is the community college at which graduates earn the highest salaries 10 years after enrollment.

Community Colleges serve almost half of the undergraduate students in the United States, providing open access to postsecondary education, preparing students for transfer to four-year institutions, providing workforce development and skills training, and offering noncredit programs ranging from English as a second language to skills retraining to community enrichment programs or cultural activities.

Although the actual salaries don’t include figures for students who transfer and attain bachelor’s degrees—which could boost the numbers higher—they still show the value of some post-secondary experience in this challenging job market.

The earnings shown are median earnings of federal financial aid recipients. For more details on the rankings, see the blog.

To see specific information about Montgomery College, click here.


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