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Connie McGuire, an adjunct faculty member of the business department since 1998, recently leveraged her unique insight into the student body at MC and the many years she spent in finance and accounting to address a growing problem she couldn’t ignore.

McGuire and her husband, John, an investment management partner at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, were alarmed by the reports of increasing number of students coming to class hungry. In response, they established the McGuire Family Food Fund to address the issue of food insecurity that threatens students on campuses across the country, including, they assumed, many students on Montgomery College campuses. Their transformational gift is the largest private gift made to the foundation to address this issue.

Connie and John McGuire

When asked why this concern resonated with her and her husband, McGuire began by praising the excellent meal programs in K-12 schools in Montgomery County. But, she wondered, what happens after they graduate from high school? In her words, “Students don’t stop being hungry, and their families don’t suddenly have more money just because they graduated high school and have started at MC.” Statistics show there is a significant percentage of students who need to skip a meal at least once a week because they just cannot afford food, she said.  “To John and me,” Connie said, “the need is basic and needs to be addressed. Students can’t learn when they’re hungry.”

Because of the McGuire’s major investment, the McGuire Family Food Fund offers students access to nutritious food in many ways. Through replenishing the food pantry and expanding services, more students will have greater access to fresh, healthy snacks. The fund will also distribute campus dining cards to hundreds of underserved students, and will feed incoming ACES freshmen during their summer program.

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