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Dual Enrollment Benefits Area High School Students

dual_enrollment_classroom_400x295Dual enrollment gives students a head start in earning college credit while still in high school.  Over the past 10 years, the College’s dual enrollment program has served over 6,000 students, offering well over 200 different college classes to high school students.

Dual enrollment programs are increasingly more common among institutions that promote college completion.

In addition to the financial incentive to dual enrollment, such programs expose students to the more rigorous curricula they will encounter in college course work and create accelerated learning opportunities for students who are ahead of their high school academic levels.

Montgomery College and Montgomery County Public Schools have worked collaboratively since 2002 to develop successful pathways to college that allow students to enroll in two educational institutions at the same time.  Today every high school student in the county has the opportunity to take MC classes.

Over the past four years 90 percent of all dually enrolled students earned passing grades at MC, while 81 percent received a B or better.

For more information on the College’s dual enrollment program, click here.

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