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Construction Company President Recounts Family Emergency That ‘Changed His World’ And Motivates Him To Support MC Students

For Carl Buch, president of Buch Construction and the presenting sponsor of the MC Foundation 34th Annual Golf and Tennis Classic, it is all about the “fine line.” Buch, a Montgomery College alumnus, never expected to head the family-owned general contractor company launched by his father and mother in 1984. Seven years after its founding, the company became leaderless overnight when Buch’s father, James Buch Jr., suffered a stroke at the age of 49. The event left him unable to speak and changed the course of history for both his family and his company.

Carl Buch

“My world changed in June of 1991,” said Buch. “I was renovating a [CVS] store as an apprentice carpenter on a Friday, and my father was in a hospital on Monday wondering if he was going to survive,” said Buch. “Our family was on that fine line.”

Buch had joined the family business two years earlier after graduating from Elon University with a degree in business administration. At MC, he majored in communications. He never saw himself going down the same path as his father—even though his father named the business “James Buch and Sons.”

Although they never had the opportunity to work with their father directly, the company remains a Buch family operation. Buch’s sister, Denise Buch, serves as chief financial officer and his brother, Michael Buch, is senior vice president. They oversee 170 employees. Looking back, Buch credits his mother, Marie, for keeping the family and the business thriving, pointing out the strong work ethic she and her late husband instilled in their children.

“Fortunately, we came out of the crisis on the other side,” said Buch. “And now we’re able to do some good things.”

When Carl talks about being on the ‘fine line,’ that’s what I see here. Some of these kids, they are going to school full-time and working full-time… all they need is a chance.

Serving as presenting sponsor for MC’s annual golf tournament this year, Buch will be joining another company representative involved in the event. Peter Bulcavage, executive vice president of Buch Construction, has served on MC’s golf committee for the past four years. He says he has enjoyed seeing the tournament grow into the “first-class event” it has become, one that directly funds scholarships for MC students.

Carl Buch and the MC student he supports

“As a golfer, I’ve enjoyed being involved in the planning and preparation … Every year, we try to build upon the year before and grow the event,” said Bulcavage. “But the real prize that I get out of it is attending the Scholarship Recognition Luncheon every year. Getting a chance to meet these students and hear their stories and see the pride on their faces … is unbelievable.”

“When Carl talks about being on the ‘fine line,’ that’s what I see here. Some of these kids, they are going to school full-time and working full-time, they’re going to school five, six, seven, eight years, they’re so determined to make it happen… all they need is a chance,” Bulcavage said.

To support the MC Foundation Golf and Tennis Classic and help provide scholarships to MC students in need, please visit

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