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College Commemorates 70 Years Of Helping Students Succeed

AcademicBuildingTP1952This year marks the 70th Anniversary of Montgomery College.

On September 16, 1946, the first Montgomery College classes were held in the evenings at a local high school with a student body of 186 men and women. Today, the College has grown to a multi-campus institution and serves nearly 60,000 students a year, through both credit and noncredit programs, in more than 130 areas of study.

According to the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis, more than three quarters of a million students have taken at least one course at Montgomery College since 1946.

Dr. Tom Walker, Montgomery College history professor, captures our tradition of preparing students for further study and career growth in this excerpt from Montgomery College History:

“After leaving the College, they have attended four-year colleges and universities where these former students have earned baccalaureates and graduate degrees. Their employment history is as varied as the economy itself.

Many have started their own businesses and others have climbed the ladder of success in established private and public corporations. Many Montgomery College students have succeeded as judges, lawyers, physicians, teachers, public servants, and politicians. Some have returned to the college as teachers, administrators, and staff.

Others have taken the skills they learned at the College and entered directly the trades and semiprofessional fields so vital to the economy of the region. Some have distinguished themselves in the arts. Others had carved out careers in sports.”

View historical videos of the College:  Don Deyo/Bob Maddox Interview and Campus B-Roll.

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