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It was a Friday night in January and certified nursing assistant and Montgomery College student Katelyn Losquadro was headed home after work. As she was driving, she came along an accident scene—and leapt into action.

“I am not scared of much; I am not spooked easily. Emergency medicine and trauma is what I want to do as a profession. This was the fourth time I have stopped for an accident and I have always been able to assist in some way,” Losquadro says.

Losquardo went right up to the car; the victim, Matt Gault, had lost a lot of blood and the accident had severed his leg. Losquardo kept Gault calm by asking him questions and made sure to keep him awake. She insisted other bystanders not move Gault until the emergency responders arrived. Her actions helped Gault survive.

A few days after the accident, Matt’s friends and family started asking, via social media, if anyone could find the mystery nursing assistant. Eventually, the two were “reunited” and Losquardo visited Gault in the hospital.

His family, so grateful to the young woman they now describe as an “angel,” set up a fundraising campaign to help Losquardo pay for nursing school.

In some ways, Losquardo has been preparing for a career in nursing her whole life. Her mother was an ER nurse. When Losqaurdo’s grandmother had surgery and was recovering at home, Katelyn, only age seven or eight at the time, was taught how to do things like pack wounds and look for infection. She was hooked.

Years later, both of Losquardo’s parents became seriously ill. At age 17, she quit high school to become their full-time caregiver.

Her father died in January of 2012; her mother died one month later. Katelyn was just 21 at the time and living in Pennsylvania in a town she describes as “a place where you don’t really get out of. You either get pregnant or go to jail.”

After the loss of her parents, Losquardo moved to Montgomery County to live with an aunt who introduced the aspiring nurse to the College. By 2014, she had completed the certified nursing assistant program.

“I can’t really say enough about Montgomery College. Because if you come from a place where you are not afforded a lot of opportunity, MC is the place to go…accepting people from all walks of life.”

After working for a few years as a certified nursing assistant, Losquardo is back at the College taking classes. She has also just started a new position as an emergency room technician in a local hospital.

“My mom used to tell me you are a free bird, no one can cage, no one can keep you down,” says Losquardo.

We can’t wait to see where she flies.

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